He lost BIG this week on BOTH sides of a citywide debate. His biggest wins have come by way of redrafting federal legislation and applying it locally for the benefit of news readers and nobody else . . . Check public radio being far too nice and whispering their high praise for a STILL UNPROVEN politico trying to AVOID TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for the rising KCMO homicide count.


After 100 Days, Kansas City's New Mayor Says He's Made Progress On Guns And Housing

When Quinton Lucas was elected mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, he said his success would be determined by three issues: crime, housing, and infrastructure. With 100 days behind him as of Friday, Lucas says he's feeling good about his progress. "I'm excited about the opportunities we have in Kansas City.


  1. Be fair: Sly's understudy still has a chance. He hasn't gone crazy with TIF and that is his only saving grace. when that goes. He's finished.

  2. Completely empty suit. Looks like shit after getting the vicious beat down on the MLK vote. His fear of conversion therapy is a priority over everything. Hasn’t done anything about the ghetto murders. Needs to come out of the closet.

  3. ^^^+10000000

  4. Lucas's empty "proposals" about curbing the horrendous violence is just another walk down the same tired old path to nowhere because he, like the elected who "serve" with him and who have come before him, doesn't have the guts to actually identify the problem.
    90% of the homicide victims in KCMO are black, and at least that percentage of the perpetrators are as well.
    And the great majority of the murders take place within a sixty square block area in the urban core.
    It's not "gun violence".
    It's A SMALL MINORITY OF A MINORITY POPULATION who have no respect for much of anything, including human life.
    Focus money, police, public safety agencies of other levels of government, and the full attention of KCMO elected and appointed officials on getting these people off the streets.
    There are millions spent every year on worthless fake nonprofits. Cut off their funding.
    There's $20 million generated each year by the COMBAT tax. Stop wasting the money and establish performance standards and short time-frames for "programs".
    Lofty self-assured speeches and TV press conferences are worthless, and have been so for years.
    Represent regular folks who, as residents of KCMO, deserve to live in neighborhoods where they don't have to constantly fear for their lives and those of their families.
    Stop being jerked around by insiders and special interests. Lucas has already lost big-time twice by allowing himself to be intimidated by losers.
    Get serious.

  5. 6:26 is absolutely right. I’ve heard a lot of people who believe Lucas is gay. They’re not being judgmental, simply assuming he’s not being open about who he is. If he is gay, I think he would be surprised how many people would support him if he came out.

  6. has he been drinking out in Kansas again


  7. Mayor Quinton Lucas empty suit, empty head. The guy is a moron!

  8. He’s always been an empty suit. He’s just a younger version of Sly James. Self-hating, thinks he better than the next Negro he encounters. He’s flying high on “White people look at me, I am not like the other Negroes” syndrome. When in fact, he is like most Black males: homosexual, egotistical and a habitual liar.

  9. The best thing about Quinton is, he won’t be anywhere near as bad as the fat, lying sack of shit Sly. But that’s about all. He is still worthless.

  10. https://www.kansascity.com/opinion/editorials/article237082554.html

    Here is a link where Quinton admits the underlying process to the name change of Paseo was fundamentally flawed and flew in the face of th people. He says exactly - “A Mayor assembling a task force where they meet behind closed doors” is the same as a bunch of religious people demanding that the name change happens. The voters spoke - and there has to be some other offering to deal with the demands of these religious folks that is fair and equitable for Kansas City as a whole.

    The Black preachers - ”That’s still racist” And they are still morons. Truth is Black preachers don’t believe in fairness and equality; they believe in irrationality and calling people racists when they don’t get their way.

    Can you believe these are grown men? And this is what the Black woman has to choose from. No wonder we’re all single.

  11. Quinton when you make a commitment to speak to every public school student in a large audience assembled in the gymnasium once a semester...speaking to them about values, good decision making, self esteem you will make a dent in the gun issue. When you at the same time, shame this violence with names of the guilty and their families on bill boards and television, when the Black worthless Rev do the same then there will be improvement. Its lack of values, families and community causing this bull shit.

  12. Anybody know what the sack of shit SLY is doing now?

  13. Him and some white chick are involved in toy train last I heard

  14. 9:23 he is gone and that is good, end of story.

    As for Lucas, progress on what? The voters are the ones finally who are showing progress. They showed Lucas you may have been elected but we are not going to put up with any crap from you. This landlords proposal will bring about many many lawsuits. But the lawsuits can't start till the ordinance is put into effect. Then Lucas will see that opposition he claims at this meet was non-excitance. Not all lawyers in Kansas City are backing this silly escapade.

  15. KCMO is a national embarrassment11/8/19, 1:05 PM

    There are hundreds of potholes still not repaired ONE FULL YEAR after being reported. Mayer Q can’t even get this simple fix in place. We’re doomed.

  16. Mayor Qrime? Empty suit


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