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Affordable Housing: A Status Report

Quinton Lucas, Tara Raghuveer, Stacey Johnson-Cosby, Sam Alpert, Tiana Caldwell, Nick Haines

Nearly two years after the Library and KCPT-Kansas City PBS launched an examination of affordable housing in the city, what has changed? For the better? For worse?

Mayor Quinton Lucas, who campaigned on the issue, joins a panel discussion and assessment of where the city now stands — as well as where it might be headed. Included is a look at opportunity zones and the tax breaks they extend to developers to encourage investment in low-income, economically distressed neighborhoods. Are they helping or hurting? Do they hasten gentrification? Also, what’s the expected impact of reassessment in Jackson County, particularly on renters?

Joining Lucas in the conversation: social activist and KC Tenants Director Tara Raghuveer; realtor, landlord, and Jackson County Board of Equalization member Stacey Johnson-Cosby; Heartland Apartment Association Executive Vice President Sam Alpert; and resident Tiana Caldwell, now living with her family in a Kansas City hotel after being evicted from their home.

Nick Haines moderates the presentation, which is co-presented by the Black Community Fund and KCPT-Kansas City PBS.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Reception: 6 pm
Program: 6:30 pm
Plaza Branch

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  1. Black Community Fund
    That right there tells it all.
    Gee wonder why Tiana was evicted, any guesses it was from not paying her rent?
    How can you pay for a motel and not pay your rent?
    Tara Rhaguveer doesn't live in Kansas City Mo or even own any ground here. But she is allowed to try and force the city to pass this crap and stir up her 50 to 60 supporters to attend these vents and meetings.
    Screw limp wrist Nick Haines as a moderator we need Tony, Super Dave, Chuck and Hyperblogal on there asking the hard questions that need to be asked.

  2. ^^^we need you to find a life. You don't seem to have anything better to do. You're boring.

    1. Oh Chimpy. Do you need more extremely simple puzzles to solve?Lol

  3. ^^^Says the quintessence of no life and boring.

  4. If lucas cared about affordable housing he'd be rallying to lower property taxes

  5. ^^Absolutely correct and a great post. Also he would be saying we have to stop handing millions out to developers.

  6. the best way for these losers to avoid eviction is to


  7. ^^^ true dat

  8. Tweety's a mayor who, quote, appears to want to be able to say he’s watching out for taxpayers’ interests while, in reality, sending smoke signals to developers that the city treasury remains accessible to the special interests.

  9. Everything was well choreographed and a lot of bad acting. The agenda was planned and we are merely players. No way out. Despair and higher rent. Gentrification in the urban area with white women jogging and biking the regime. We're taking over. Taking the land back. Don't tread on us. This here is our land. Move bitch get out the way. Why you want to rent when you can own your own house? Settle for crumbs while they eat cake. Silly rabbit, trick got played in the rabbit hole. I enjoyed the show just go on. They should get an Emmy. And curtain.


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