Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Kansas City Lazy Guide To Thanksgiving

This list is mostly upscale . . . For those committed to the bachelor life OR Spartan souls who realize that the U.S. has actually been in a recession since 1963, it's also worth noting that QT is open and has a wide selection of turkey sandwiches.


Where to Dine Out on Thanksgiving Day in Kansas City

Sometimes, the best Thanksgiving meal is the one that someone else makes for you. If you're looking to do Thanksgiving out on the town this year, here are some places that will be open and serving a meal that will make for a great holiday.

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Anonymous said...

In my home with my family is where I'll be. I'll feed my family of 5 for just a little over what these places will charge for one person. Plus we'll have all those good leftovers.