Kansas City Jewish Community Push Back Against Democratic Party Israel Quid Pro Quo

Saturday community news inspiration . . . "Since 1920, the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle has provided its readers with Jewish news and opinion from a variety of perspectives".

Here's a recent letter that offers and EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE perspective about the only real ally to the U.S. in the Middle-East and 2020 policy point that deserve scrutiny. Checkit:

Letter to the Editor - Open letter to Elizabeth Warren - Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

You and some other Democrats vying to become the party’s candidate for president have made statements about using leverage of U.S. military aid to Israel. Why? Are all of you so ill informed about the continuing past and current strife between Palestinians and Israelis?


  1. Open Letter to the Zionists from the America People - STFU!
    The Meshia has not arrived, the abortion you call "Israel" should not exist, and the group of Russian/German zealots living there should pack up and move to the Country with the largest Jewish Population in the World. They probably wouldn't be welcomed with open arms, but at least they'd be tolerated.

  2. Oskar Dirlewanger11/16/19, 7:27 AM

    Fuck Israel.

  3. Remember 9/1111/16/19, 7:53 AM

    ^^^^ Siding with the terrorists. F U.

  4. Remember The USS Liberty11/16/19, 8:24 AM

    Poor, poor I$rael. If only those insane Palestinian suicide-houses would stop slamming themselves into the peaceful I$raeli bulldozers ! Every American KIA in the Middle East in the last thirty years died fighting I$raels' enemies. I$rael is the worlds' misfortune.

  5. I would rather have Israeli neighbors than blacks so......

  6. Israelis don't usually live in trailer parks.

  7. ^^^ Or close to Gentiles.

  8. These are the same Zionist who would not protest UMB financing ICE Detention of children in the State Of Main. UMB invested 25 million of their own funds for the child prison and manages another 110 millions for Wall Street. The elder community turned their backs on the Jewish students in Kansas City.


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