Kansas City Illegal Alien Chef Serves Himself Up To La Migra For Sake Of Publicity

TKC always advises his undocumented friends distant relatives to STAY OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT and don't let themselves be used for progressive promotional material. Meanwhile, this dude makes is immigration status LOUD & PROUD not realizing that people often hold a grudge about this stuff. Checkit:

The Undocumented Chef Behind Kansas City's Most Inclusive Restaurant

Zaid Renato Consuegra Sauza never dreamed of becoming a chef. Under other circumstances, he might be living in Boston instead of Kansas City. He might have finished school. He might be making movies for a living, as he'd originally planned. "If I was documented," he says, "I'm 90 percent sure I would've taken my life a different way."


  1. Hey, truth of it is that he can probably cook better than most native born chefs.

    He can stay.

    Keep the burritos coming!

  2. Only Jews (((Erik Ginsburg))) turn an article about a restaurant into an open-borders, pro-invader, anti-Trump propaganda, Marxist melodrama.

  3. He should go home and be all those and make a name for himself there while making his own country that much better.

    Or apply to come here legally.


  4. And another American is without a job because of this sucker. Anyone who supports this illegal should give up their job and has no right to work here. Lets start with 5:01.
    5:01 can also foot the bill for the others who suck off of us without abiding by our laws of the land. Dirty losers.


    What's the difference between "undocumented" and "illegal"?
    The former hijacks language, while the latter states a fact.

    What's the difference between a "chef" and a "cook"?
    Chefs don't prepare anything requiring a ketchup dispenser!!!

  6. 5:55 FTW. ICE should be dining there ASAP.


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