Culture war and social justice discussion dominated the discourse today . . . Meanwhile, the Kansas City murder count continues along a record pace.

Compare today's number to only 118 homicides last year.

Check the roundup:

KSHB: Man shot, killed in Midtown Kansas City while trying to stop theft suspect

KMBC: KCPD investigating homicide after shooting near Linwood and Charlotte

KCTV5: The deceased man has been identified as 51-year-old Ricardo Ortiz, a father of six who came to America for a better life.

Developing . . .


  1. The hoodrats are killing Mexicans now, where’s the outrage?

  2. Dont worry folks! Everything is going to be A-ok. That's right! In 2011, Sly James and the Black Reverends said that if they built a police station atop a thriving four-block neighborhood, crime would be a thing of the past. They'd find "pearls on Prospect"... its just that said pearls are dripping with the blood of the people that live there. Things are safer than they've ever been.

  3. try stopping someone from breaking into your car and get shot. This city has real fucking problems but they all get ignored for meaningless vanity projects and shit that only makes life worse, like tenants rights bullshit, or renaming streets after black womanizers. god damn, fix your fucking city first. make the streets somewhat safe. Make schools somewhat decent but nooooo we gotta fuck around with a gay ass street car and aids homos demanding bike lanes that no one uses. good fucking god how is everyone blind to basic fucking shit

  4. Pay attention folks. Shit like this is why you avoid KC altogether.

  5. a father of six who came to America for a better life.

    Stay away from Slies Shithole of America is the best advise at this point.

  6. Black guy killing a mexican immigrant...democrat uptopia

  7. A person shot to death trying to stop someone from stealing his car.
    And Lucas and his clowns are:
    Passing an ordinance making gay "conversion therapy" illegal.
    Watching the "Port Authority" give tax breaks to a business in the Plaza.
    Discussing "free bus" service without the slightest idea of where the $5 million to pay for it would come from and not admitting that the service will actually cost a lot more.
    Getting dragged along behind the revs MLK fiasco and continuing the "discussion" of what to do after that national embarrassment.
    Making believe that gun laws focusing on teens and abusive spouses is going to have any meaningful impact on the horrendous murder rate.
    Willful ignorance.
    It just continues to amaze how people in supposed positions of responsibility can make believe they can ignore the most basic responsibility of any level of government:
    Keeping people safe.
    Another senseless tragedy.

  8. A couple of years ago my son and his friend caught someone breaking into his car parked in front of his apartment behind the Nelson. Caught the guy red-handed, held him down and called KCPD. Police refused to come. Told my son over the phone nobody would be coming. Unbelievable. They had to let him go. Maybe this was the guy. Maybe if it was this guy and the police do come and arrest him they maybe find out the guy has broken parole and goes away for years and isn't out to kill this poor soul today. Was it this guy? I can't say for sure. Odds are it isn't but it isn't an impossibility. This mayor is going to do the same thing Sly did about crime-nothing.

    1. The mayor doesn’t care about the murder rate and everyone knows it. His worthless ass was on the council and he did nothing about it then. He just wants to take selfies and swish around his favorite gay bar in Lawrence.

  9. If Obama had a son, he would look like that worthless hoodrat.

  10. KcMO is a shithole. Trump should point that out to SLy and the family. His Family was riddled with Criminal Incidents.

  11. Put a 10k bounty on this clown and he'll be dead by morning

  12. 701 is right,,,whistling pass the graveyard. 10 years away from Detroit.


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