Monday, November 04, 2019

Kansas City Endures 'OK, Boomer' Slur

Local news report on a NEXTGEN tag that's probably not trendy anymore if the TV newsies have caught on . . . Take a look:

New phrase in the social media world to describe older people

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- According to the New York Times, this started with a white-haired man spewing stereotypes about the younger generation. The millennials and generation Z have the Peter Pan syndrome. They don't ever want to grow up. To which thousands of young folks responded with videos and images saying simply, "Okay boomer."


Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit if you call me anything.
I am sitting on two big fat pensions every month, while doing nothing.
Don't like it?
Then blow me.

Anonymous said...

Our very own Chimpy ^^ Maude get's the old boomer of the year award.

Knows everything about Matlock, Diapers... Frogs

Anonymous said...


Golden Girl Magnet said...

I just respond "go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Call me Boomer. We're the ones with all the money. Meanwhile the youngsters all bitch about not having any but are unwilling to work for it like we did.
Too bad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

Boomer's were like a plague of grasshoppers on the planet. That's why they call them "Boomer Fascist"

Anonymous said...

@122 - now you're just making shit up.

Anonymous said...

Boomer is offensive.

Please note the preferred politically correct nomenclature is Geezer.