Kansas City Election Preview Week In Review

These newsies start out with MLK Blvd Vs. Save The Paseo debate and work down to discussing sleepy suburban races and promo for an interesting but often overrated JoCo blog that mostly caters to a growing audience of nosy suburban neighbors and newsies hoping for another job when legacy media kicks them to the curb . . . Take a look:

"Nick Haines, Jay Senter, Cat Reid, Eric Wesson and Dave Helling discuss the key races and issues on both sides of the state line being voted on in next week's election, Mayor Quinton Lucas pushing for gun restrictions for domestic violence abusers, USDA picking a new home in KCMO, MU's apology after tone deaf tweet and this week's rally to get the KCMO city council to pass a tenant bill of rights."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Ahhh the bubblehead Senter is on the show again. Put him and Helling together and you have two thirds of the new Three Stooges.

  2. ^^^^ Campaigning for that third spot, Dave?

  3. ^^Super Dave would be a huge improvement for the panel on that show. Might wake a few people the fuck up around here who have their heads up their asses.

  4. ^^^ He'd also make an awesome "Larry" in a local production of "The Three Stooges' Christmas"!

  5. He looks nothing like Larry. Maybe Moe, but definitely not Larry. Dave has done a kickass Santa for many years been in newspapers off and on as such over the years, the kids love him.


    On the Paseo/MLK issue:

    "Is honoring Dr. King, the way you live your life, or is it putting a name on a street or a building? Let's try living a life that Dr. King would be proud of."
    --- Eric Wesson

  7. Nah, @10:51, Moe was tough, and Curley had a sense of Humor - only Larry the "nebbish" fits Ol' Dave, in fact it would be typecasting.


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