Saturday, November 02, 2019

Kansas City Cross-Section: Late Night Good Times Collide With Saturday Morning Workers

Quick glimpse at local life from an AWESOME TKC READER to help us get started this morning and remind our readers of the many dangers the lurk on early morning streets.


"This crash happened on East Bound I-470 at View High Dr. around 3:45 Am. Both occupants were walking around in a daze (either from the crash or the good times or both) after slamming head on into a guard rail and rolling over at least once. Another vehicle was impacted by the crash and was disabled due to their airbags being deployed and was stopped further up I-470. I stopped to see if they were OK because emergency crews had not arrived yet, a young man and a young woman claimed they were fine and were standing outside the vehicle when I pulled up, they both smelled of GOOD TIMES and were arguing about which one was the driver. "

Drive safe this morning folks . . .

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Anonymous said...

Happens when you're getting head and about to shoot your wad in her mouth.