Kansas City Climate Change Explained?!?!

In this progressive retort to any doubters . . . We learn that Kansas City has a climate of it's own that's even scarier than the fake politeness and incompetence that imbrues just about every public conversation . . . Checkit:

Climate Change 101: A Kansas City Scientist Explains What's Going On

The changes in climate that people in the Kansas City region are now experiencing haven't been seen in previous lifetimes. That's according to Doug Kluck, a regional climate services director for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He also spent 18 years with the National Weather Service as a researcher and forecaster.


  1. Better call Wickham James for advise

  2. https://www.authorhour.co/alex-epstein-moral-case-fossil-fuels/

  3. Climate Change is fear mongering BS, designed to grab what is left of your paycheck and send it to idiots like AOC.

  4. In the 200 years that have elapsed since, the Thames has never frozen solid enough for such hedonism to be repeated. But between 1309 and 1814, the Thames froze at least 23 times and on five of these occasions -1683-4, 1716, 1739-40, 1789 and 1814 - the ice was thick enough to hold a fair.

  5. CLIMATE CHANGE? Where did that name come from?

    After "GLOBAL WARMING" was proven to be a hoax, those pushing for increased government intervention and higher taxes were forced to invent a new slogan that was foolproof...thus CLIMATE CHANGE was created!

    How can you argue against CLIMATE CHANGE, of course the climate changes! You're not stating that the climate is getting colder or warmer, wetter or drier, just that it's changing, and that is somehow bad.

    If you go back and look at magazine/newspaper headlines from the 1980's they were emphatically stating that we were headed for a new Ice Age. Now, the political liberal loons like AOC are indoctrinating young people that the world will end in 12 years if we don't immediately enact bans on gasoline/diesel vehicles, airline travel, coal-powered generating plants, etc.

    Those who know how to read historical worldwide temperature charts, understand the tricks being played to skew the data. What we are currently experiencing is part of a normal long-term cyclical pattern.

    If we modeled the entire globe, and shrank it down to a representative cube approximately the size of a room 15 feet long by 15 feet wide by 15 feet high, the atmospheric warming over the last 75 years could be simulated by striking 1 match and blowing it out inside the cube. If you were in this 15 foot cube, across the room from me when I lit the match, would you feel a heat wave? Would the ice in your drink begin to melt more quickly? Of course not.

  6. Media is not reporting what has been happening the past few months.
    Glacier swelling has been growing at an alarming rate.
    Scientists have shown that as ice continues to build that the alarm sounded way too soon for global warming.
    At the present- if the near trend continues one could expect dire consequences including:

    1. Global oceanic shrinking. Water will disappear and beaches will need to be rebuilt.

    2. Media “chicken little sky falling” will causes journalism schools to become converts to Circus Institutions and all grads instantly eligible for Editorial Boards at many institutions formerly known as Newspapers... the ungreen deals.

    3. Monthly adjustments by individuals will be demanded by liberals to counter month-to-month reports on global warming/cooling depending on scientific proof of weather reports and wooly caterpillar coat thickness. Folks will need to know whether to drive their e-cars or fossil fuel cars.

    4. Last. AOC will be elected president of some focus group of hers which she will insist is for the greater good. She will mandate instant laws that will change and be enforced on all.. the world. She will enact personal laws that will outlaw most companies like Amazon and other big companies and after she realizes she has no cell service due to companies banned- will create a green deal on smoke signals to communicate using dry ice as new SMOKE SIGNAL tech. Realizing it doesn’t penetrate far- she will require folks to move closer and outlaw farms as they are too far away. When she realizes there is no food- she will declare a victory. The media will allow her to have all future Pulitzers. Only bad side to this is the media will realize only 2% of the population currently understands what a Pulitzer is and of those less than 25% cares.

  7. AOC is nothing but some lowlife trashy waitress who couldn't get "I need a refill" right.


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