Kansas City Chiefs New QB Isn't Magic???

Fanboys slowly develop just a bit of skepticism about the career trajectory of Patrick Mahomes after a year of hype and a mediocre record that doesn't speak to playoff high hopes. Read more:

Let's Argue: "Patrick Mahomes is turning into Alex Smith"

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  1. "Patrick Mahomes is turning into Alex Smith"

    Who could not beat out that career journeyman while other rookie QB's same class did start?

    Who has a losing career record vs the best NFL teams and their better QB's, based his W/L?

    Who has never led the NFL its annual rating criteria determines football's best QB, 'QBR?'

    Who in three years has never led his team to the end objective, winning an Championship?


    Same QB whose listed results demonstrate reality in lieu wishes: overhype

    A media as fandom creation based ooohs & ahhhs, subjective bias, desperate pleas borne half a century football failure... 'feelings' in lieu 'facts.'

    Objective truth: results lacking as always, hometown hoo-hah must suffice.

  2. Mahomes is like a great piece of ass the first time. But a few months later you soon realize it wasn't that great as you thought it was.

    Remember Bret Saberhagen the so called greatest pitcher ever by many whose game winning career stayed in action about as long as the Christmas Lights do each year on the Plaza?

    Mahomes shot his wad and now he is just mediocre.

  3. ^^Thanks pops...stick to Matlock. You're too old & dumb to understand football.

    1. Yay! Chimpy's number one catchphrase! Say it again you dumb monkey!! Lol

  4. ^^3:36PM applies to both you retards.

  5. I understand football and agree 100% with 2:51 and 1st 3:36


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