Kansas City Chiefs Mistakenly Think They Can Keep Winning Without Patrick Mahomes

NFL competition heats up toward the end of the year and home team fanboys are busy selling the premise that a gym teacher can compete in the playoffs. Take a look:

Arrowheadlines: The Chiefs can afford to keep Mahomes on ice

What to know from NFL Week 9: The race to the bottom of the standings is getting fierce | The Washington Post The Chiefs (6-3) hold a two-game lead in the AFC West, where they are the only team above .500. With or without Mahomes, they're going to win the division.


  1. That’s the dumbest headline. When has any NFL team kept their franchise quarterback on the sidelines especially when it is a known fact that there are damn few quarterbacks that can play that well

  2. ^^^So far this year he ain't played for shit.

  3. Q: What's that STANK?

    A: the swiss chiefs


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