Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Keep Super Bowl Fantasy Alive After Chargers Hand Over 24-17 Victory

Today, sports talkers will heap praise upon Patrick Mahomes & company but the victory was nearly delivered by the opposition. Without question, the Chiefs stand atop the AFC West -- But it's the weakest division in pro-football.

Whilst there's no such thing as an ugly victory in the NFL, this one was pretty close.

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Kansas City Victory Review

Philip Rivers throws last-minute pick as Kansas City Chiefs hold on for win in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Daniel Sorensen picked off Philip Rivers' fourth interception at the goal line with 18 seconds to play, and the Kansas City Chiefs stayed on top of the AFC West with a 24-17 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night at Azteca Stadium.

Early Holiday Gift From Phillip

Philip Rivers throws late interception to doom Chargers in 24-17 loss to Chiefs

The Chargers' struggles with inefficiency and scoring on offense aren't limited to the United States. The team traveled south of the border and continued to be hounded by the same ailments in a 24-17 loss to Kansas City at Aztec Stadium.

NFL Unimpressed

Chiefs fend off late Chargers surge for ugly win, maintain edge over Raiders

For 30 minutes of football, the Kansas City Chiefs slogged through a sloppy Estadio Azteca field and watched the Los Angeles Chargers outgain them by 203 yards.

Still On Top

Kansas City Chiefs hold off Los Angeles Chargers on Monday Night Football

The Kansas City Chiefs needed this one. With seemingly everything they worked so hard to achieve during their unbeaten first month of the year ready to crumble, the Chiefs traveled to Mexico City and overwhelmed the Los Angeles Chargers in order to save their spot atop the AFC West.

Fanboy Postscript

Five winners and three losers from the Chiefs' win over the Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs made just enough plays to win a game they absolutely had to have, defeating the Los Angele Chargers 24-17 on Monday Night Football. Here are some of the guys who led the way - and some that kept it closer than it should have been.

Muddy Mexican Mess

Estadio Azteca is rivaling Neyland Stadium for the worst turf in football

Are you ready for some football? Well, guess who wasn't ready for some Monday Night Football action down in Mexico City? That would be the turf of Estadio Azteca. The grass looks like hay and is clumpier than your morning oatmeal.

Mid-season Aches Pile Up

Chiefs injury update following victory over Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid provided a brief update on some injuries during his postgame press conference. Things seemed to still be fluid for several players and he only had really the preliminary information on each injury. "As far as the injuries go, just real quick," Reid began.

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Anonymous said...

Did they have any trouble getting back through "The Wall", or did they just breeze through like everyone else does?

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that they won. There is something this town isn't known for.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't pretty but a win is a win.

Thanks Phillip!

Anonymous said...

'Wait till next year!... again... part 2020, verse 51

Anonymous said...

So they fought to beat about the worst team or maybe is the worst team in the league. Not something I would be too proud of. I watched the first quarter only and that was all I could take, it was not a Super Bowl bound team on the field. I saw a team making one cluster fuck mistake after another. I also saw an interception that was nothing but a 100% per luck event. I mean talk about being in the right spot at the right time, 8 inches either way and that fat slop wouldn't have got the ball or probably even seen it.

Fans everywhere last night got to see about the worst in the NFL that was somehow picked to go play in a foreign country to show off what the NFL is all about. Pathetic I tell you, completely pathetic.

Anonymous said...

^^^Agree. They have trouble running the ball but can't stop the other team from running it. Without Tyreek Hill their passing game is ordinary. They have not been looking like a playoff team, much less Super Bowl. And to think, just last year they could have been in the Super Bowl and even won it. Damn you, Dee Ford.

Anonymous said...

Mexico says take your "football" back and please leave.