Kansas City Chiefs Fanboy Conclusion: Blame Mid-season Slide On Coach Reid

One of the very few critical articles to emerge this week after a soul crushing loss . . . And the blame game continues to focus away from the front office hype machine:

A coin, a genie and Andy Reid: How the Chiefs failed to make good decisions

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Tennessee Titans 35-32. Three different times, the Chiefs kicked field goals on fourth down with three or fewer yards to go. I'm going to do my best to explain why that was arguably the worst thing the Chiefs did in what ended up being a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.


  1. Who cares

  2. Blame the owner instead, if they don’t get better players on both sides of the ball mahomes will head to a better team, if I had that kind of talent I sure as hell wouldn’t waste on a team that can’t support you, ask tony g about that, maybe he’ll replace Brady in New England?

  3. @4:47, you do enough to post. Its passing mild entertainment for some of us. The overall games are certainly lack of talent, that last game was some of the worst coaching in Reid's career in KC. It's a complete joke how he takes an easy win then snatches it away from the jaws of victory. He has become a caricature of a terrible coach.

  4. Yes, Reid fumbles a lot, and his running has slowed down too!

  5. Awesome how bloggers have more coaching knowledge and know how to excel in the league than Reid.

  6. Not all bloggers just some. Thanks for noticing.

    1. I meant to narrow that down,no harm mo foul


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