Friday, November 01, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Depend On Patrick Mahomes Tease To Keep Fanboys Interested

His knee is busted worse than anyone wants to admit and beleaguered team are looking down the barrel of another loss. Take a look:

Chiefs final injury report vs. Vikings: Patrick Mahomes is questionable

Each practice day, the Kansas City Chiefs will release an official injury report leading up to the next game. The Chiefs take on the Minnesota Vikings at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday at Noon Arrowhead Time.


Super Dave said...

He isn't playing and we all know that just more hype by the Arrowhead Pride gang who is on major damage control now.

Anonymous said...

I have a very good source that confided this:
Mahomes will share duties with Matt Moore.
You heard it here first.
More breaking news next week.
Key Identification: 1829G

Anonymous said...

We need a white quarterback!

Anonymous said...

^^ He's half white. Does that count?