Sunday, November 10, 2019


An underrated team steps up to deliver a SEASON ENDING REBUKE to Kansas City hope.

To wit . . .


To be fair, there are no complaints from our blog community about this game. It was hard hitting, close, exciting and ultimately could have gone either way. But it didn't and a blocked field goal served as the saving grace for the Titans.

And so the Chiefs don't really seem on their way to Super Bowl victory like so many had predicted.

Instead, they're a good but not great team who, sadly, seem more banged up than most but without as much talent depth.

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Fanboy Hope Blocked

Tennessee Titans shock Kansas City Chiefs with blocked field goal to win

In the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs shocking road loss to the Tennessee Titans, a 35-32 last second win for Mike Vrabel's team in Nashville, there's not a single facet of K.C.'s team that should feel confident going forward.

Ketchup King Spoiled

Mahomes' huge return ruined by late Titans rally

4:27 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Patrick Mahomes' return to the lineup wasn't enough to prevent the Kansas City Chiefs from losing for the fourth time in their last six games.

KC Playing Hurt Redux

Chiefs suffer flurry of injuries late in 2nd quarter vs. Titans

The Kansas City Chiefs have run into a string of bad injury luck. On three straight plays, the Chiefs suffered injuries to important offensive players, leaving their offensive line quite depleted and concerns about a star wide receiver. First up, WR Tyreek Hill appeared to have reinjured his clavicle after taking a hard tackle to the ground.

Last Second Winning

Final score: Titans steal a 35-32 win over the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs took over at the Tennessee Titans 32-yard line with less than two minutes left and a 32-27 lead. The offense just needed to ice the game - but they had settle for a 46-yard field goal attempt. It all went downhill from there.

Comeback Glory Reconsidered

Titans rally, spoil Mahomes' return beating Chiefs 35-32

Watch live: NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Ryan Tannehill threw a 23-yard touchdown to Adam Humphries with 23 seconds left, and the Tennessee Titans blocked a last-second field goal attempt to beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-32 to spoil the return of NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

Titans Wanted It More

Titans rally, spoil Mahomes' return beating Chiefs 35-32

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Ryan Tannehill threw a 23-yard touchdown to Adam Humphries with 23 seconds left, and the Tennessee Titans blocked a last-second field goal attempt to beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-32 to spoil the return of NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

Social Media Love & Hate

Best Twitter reactions from Chiefs' Week 10 loss against Titans

It was a showdown in Music City, and unfortunately, the Chiefs head back to Kansas City with another loss on the season. Even sensational touchdown passes from Patrick Mahomes couldn't salvage a win for Andy Reid's men. A dismal loss after a terrific afternoon of play should certainly leave the coaching staff wondering where to go from here.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

It wasn't totally spoiled. At least he made it through the games with some help from Hill. The AFC is nothing and they'll still likely stay on top. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Not a steal or a choke. Chiefs were simply outplayed and the Titans took every opportunity to beat them.

Anonymous said...

'Choke' 'Pudgy' or 'Squirrel', any way you spell it he's a la-hooo-ooo-ser - ditto 'this is our' swiss chiefs overhype!

Best QB's in the NFL up to the moment:

Deshaun 'Man With The Golden Gun' Watson
Aaron 'Rockin The House' Rodgers
Lamar 'Jailbreak' Jackson
Russ 'DangeRuss' Wilson

Anonymous said...

Yes but his daddy is black and his mother is a mud shark.

Anonymous said...

I’ve seen worse teams make it to the super bowl, and I don’t even care.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh come on all. It gives ya that old time feeling to be uttering the Chiefs fans silent matra to yourself every few minutes for the next day or two. "F__cking Chiefs."

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

It’s just entertainment. I look at it this way. It’s like going to the latest blockbuster movie everybody is talking about and all the critics are Ravng about but when you see it, you think to yourself ...”not bad. But not a John Wayne film”

Anonymous said...

^^^^ true.

All kind of seems rigged to me.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

You can’t rig an nfl game. But you can beat yourself by making stupid penalties and bad decisions
But the worse thing you can do is believe that you’re going to win because you think your opponent is no good. After all, they are NFL players also

Anonymous said...


Beginning September 21, 2019
“The KSHB (41)/KMCI (38 The Spot) team is thrilled to be the new ‘Home of the Chiefs’ for the next six years,” said Ed Fernandez, vice president of operations for The E.W. Scripps Company.

The Chiefs were 4-0 as of September 29.

They then proceeded to lose 4 of the next 6 games, including the knee injury to Mahomes on October 27.

Did KSHB/KMCI jinx the Chiefs perfect start to the season?

Anonymous said...

Let us all sulk for the rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

6:10 pm "You can’t rig an nfl game"

Like 'Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football' by Dan Moldea, and 'They Call It A Game' by Bernie Parrish, among other publications.

Its been happening various entities/methods for an long time, according to several people including players, officials/referees, bookies. Not just in football pro and college, but baseball and basketball as well.

Try MLB's Black Sox scandal early 1900's and Pete Rose more recently. Want more? Disgraced NBA referee Donaghy not too long ago, and don't forget the NFL suspending Hornung and Karras in 1963 as well determining that several other NFL players were also betting on games same (team owners too betting outrageous $, including against their own team.)

Moldea's book also references a bookie/others who intimate a trio of well known Chiefs of the 1960's/70's - Hall of Famers all - were likewise also not squeaky clean (the FBI interviewing and polygraphing folks, Las Vegas bookies taking several Chiefs games off the boards between 1966-69, among revelations.)

Believe as you wish but denying the possibility outright makes you but a perfect 'dupe'.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, we have a mass killer on the loose. When will Dwight Privilege strike again?

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

649. Fair enough. I’ll look up your references you list and check on it. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong

Anonymous said...

Hey Chiefs Kingdom; as my flunky Mitch Holdthis sez; "Touchdown Kansas City!"

Unfortunately today; we didn't score enough touchdowns,and once again tasted the sweet nectar of losing. I share your pain, as I was so upset over Butker's blocked field goal, I even threw my wig on the floor and my maid had to wash it.

However, don't let 50 years of futility stop you from spending your children's college education fund as we still have plenty of tickets to sell against those pesky Raiders and Broncos. First ten fans to order their tickets tonight, I will let you park in our beautiful tax payer funded lot for only $59.99. Yes you heard it here first; only $59.99. But you have to call now to receive this special offer.

Love you Kansas City fans and remember that is why I live in Dallas.

Best Regards,

Clark Hunt (Son of Lamar and Billionaire extraordinaire)

Anonymous said...

Just wait until next year!

Anonymous said...

Mahomes has thrown for 18 touchdowns and only 1 interception this year.

Gobi said...

Damn good game. The Chiefs lost a tough one and there's absolutely no shame in that. The numbers Mahomes put up on his first game back are some of the best we've ever seen in KC. No reason to be depressed here!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ maybe.

They still have a playoff shot. And that's where it gets REALLY interesting.

Springheel said...

All the biz about gamblers and mob fixing games is old old news from the 70s. The Chiefs from those teams were never actually suspected because the wiretaps in question showed that the a few mobsters had lost money when the chiefs didn't cover like they thought they would. There was no "shaving", which is easier to rig. Shaving happens, but the post above talks like this is breaking news and way overplays any current problem. Biggest prob in NFL is refs who think like lawyers-meaning they analyze a play until the spirit of the rule or law is broken. Fug Ed Hochuli and Jr.

Anonymous said...

I respect you not only because you're correct about the old mob connections and point "shaving" but also because blaming the refs is classic KC.

Anonymous said...

11:33 a pure waste of everyone's time in a playoff they will go now where. Pats would stomp their asses into the ground. Or the Ravens or Houston hell maybe even the Raiders.

Anonymous said...

11:25 pm

... and your point?

SEAT's Russell Wilson has 22 tds and only 1 int, a better QB rating as well a better completion % than 'KC Catsup' boy

DET's Matt Stafford has more td passes than 'Pudgy' Mahomes - HOU's Deshaun Watson & MIN's Kirk Cousins both have the same of td passes as 'KC overhype'

GB's Aaron Rodgers has only 2 ints, despite throwing 50 + more passes than 'KC Squirrel' pate

NO's Drew Brees, OAK's Derek Carr, SF's Jimmy Garappolo and HOU's Watson ALL have better completion %'s this year than KC's 'Choke' Mahomes too


DEN's Paxton Lynch (rhymes with BUST) also outperformed KC 'Softy' Mahomes, the latter's debut: a better QB rating and 2 td passes to 0 for 'Pattycakes'

KC's 'Can't Get Off The Pine' rookie bench warmer couldn't even beat out an career journeyman named Alex Smith, while other rookie QB's did start their rookie campaigns (weird, considering word is KC's #15 is the greatest ever)

I know, let's talk about wins... and losses (it is a team game, something the jock sniffers never mention in the throes their gah-gah'ing):

'Putrid Pat' has 3 losses in his last 4 starts including being bested by his betters Deshaun Watson & Aaron Rodgers & Jacoby Brissett & Ryan Tannehill... HOU, GB, SEAT and SF their QB's all have a better record than KC's too

Upshot - so you see, perspective is everything. Now, some free advice: spend less time undulating to the 'beat' of local and national media re: an legend in their mind, and more time analyzing the objective, rather than subjective (latter also known in the parlance as 'style points' in lieu true validity)

Next stop: swiss chiefs vs the Chargers, in Mexico (LA whupped 'em last time they played, and in KC. As OAK plays Sunday, at home vs CIN, the possibility Raiders being all alone in first place, well, makes things very interesting, the AFC 'Worst' division.

Anonymous said...

11:36 pm

"The Chiefs from those teams were never actually suspected because the wiretaps in question showed that the a few mobsters had lost money when the chiefs didn't cover like they thought they would."

- dead wrong... suggest you read the referenced books. I have, in addition to having talked to some of the principles involved. Nod 'there's one born every minute', the NFL thank$ you.

Springheel said...

Fuck you and your snide "sucker" bullshit. I read the Moldea book as well as the readers digest article from the early 70s that indicated there could be a problem with the Chiefs cuz Vegas wouldn't take bets on em, but the wiretaps and investigation were highly inconclusive, unlike the Karras and Hornung crap. Your an asshat for acting like we are all asshats for not screaming "its rigged" when I think we all know that it's happened and will definitely happen in the future.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs have never really been good enough to shave points in any sort of organized crime. You really have to be a "given" to win any particular game. Chiefs have shown for 30 years and more that they are the team capable of losing to anyone at any time.

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs loss yesterday was 100% at the feet of the coach. As soon as you see there is a runoff the clock situation, you know without doubt that Reid will seemingly play the opposite of what "should" be called. Yes, yes, maybe he sees something that no other head coach in the NFL does, or maybe he's just rebelling against "da man" and calls the opposite. He could have nearly run the clock out with good strong runs up the middle, but I forget, he uses those for 3rd or 4th and long situations. In the words of the great Vincini: "Inconceivable!"

Anonymous said...

7:30 am

Well if the 'hat' fits (you do wear it well, appears. Too, you do admit that you've read Readers Digest, while I've only spoken with some the principles.)

Is a difference between 'enough' and 'insufficient', an inability to proceed, the line demarcation sometimes crooked, double entendre. Believe as you wish; I'll do the same, based on what I have learned/know.

Springheel said...

My point with the refs is my point with you, Mr no-name dropper. I could say I talked with someone who said rigging was "all bullshit". I'm speaking plain here instead of splitting hairs and talking legalistic crap that is supposed to convince us that your "rigging" argument is a "catch" according to the rules. According to my rulebook you have to produce real evidence of a connection to shaving or connection to a gambling syndicate, and the Chiefs of the 60s and 70s did not even exhibit a lot if smoke in that department. Civella and his boys made some bets on them to cover point spreads and Dawson and company showed they were not involved by exhibiting behavior inconsistent with anything other than trying to win by 1 point or 25. That is published and documented, all else is blah-blah similar to your blah-blah about "so and so said". So spare me your intellectual crapola. I don't hate the NFL for "rigging", I hate it for instant replay legalistic BS and the idiotic television culture (ads,yag shows) that surround it.

Anonymous said...

1:05 pm

If ignorance be bliss, you burst with euphoria. Nod least some folk Missouri / elsewhere, can never 'show them' enough. Reiterating, there's often a slim margin between proving innocence/guilt. You continue feel free to believe as you wish... knowing better/having seen, I as others will do the same.

Folks can choose not believe, but games have been rigged, points shaved as bribes paid to participants/affiliated across sporting time. The DNA as it were sporting past to today is littered with incrimination.

Those actually read either referenced book in lieu saying they did, cannot deny the evidence - including those directly involved admitted their dirty dealing.

No magic bullet theory needed convince, no majority an OJ jury to exonerate (example the 1946 NFL Championship Game bribe an player admitted to taking/ being paid; the last time you heard about this will likely the first.)

If you believe that progress measured in time has somehow abated the darker angels of human nature the intervening years, you likely also believe 'this is our year!' for an 50th consecutive season, in lieu your lying eyes.

Springheel said...

Jews- we are probably on the same page actually. I know about the lack of progress in the sin department, and I sure as hell believe the mob was involved in both Kennedy rubouts- you might say I'm an ass hat on that- but I don't chalk up the up/down nature of football to players in on the fix. I guess that makes it easier to fix than a basketball game where a subtle spin the wrong way makes a dirty 50% shooter go 20%. I am educated on the dark matters and I HAVE read the info you speak of. If you are a real gov man or cop, im sorry I spoke so disrespectfully, it's just this subject can be so full of slander.

Springheel said...

I did not say JEWS ! I said JEES ! This fuckin word correct crap is putting words in my mouth after I hit publish-I'm outta here