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Conservatives are taking an important look at controversial documentation coming up this week. Here's an alternative take on the topic from a comment fave:

Chuck: The IG Report, The Hopes, Dreams and Nightmares

Sometime in the next 10 Days, the much anticipated "IG" Report from Michael Horowitz will be made available to the public. As I type, in the dark, sinister forces align and gird themselves for a rare battle in the sun against you, the American people. Much of the treason and sedition that took place over the last 3 years, is being suppressed as powerful, frightening, tectonic shifts take place that will determine, from this point on, where we are, as a Republic.

The "Impeachment" excrescence on our collective ass, is an incessant itch. This Potemkin like pretense lubed by the media's ongoing, unctuous rationalizations forgiving self appointed plenipotentiaries for deviating from civilian command in lieu of Deep State Crypto-Fascists who really run the Federal Government is a temporary distraction that will give way, perhaps, to, "Propaganda Of The Deed". Our government has betrayed us. These mortal sins, committed in darkness, in the dead of night, are unrightable wrongs that must be punished.

From - Gil Gutknecht "Town Hall"

"This is a coup. The objectives and tactics have been clear from the start. The recently released tweets from the "Whistleblower" confirmed what we already believed, "The coup has started" he wrote prophetically.

The co-conspirators deserve much worse than to be sent packing in the next election. Long prison sentences are the only sure deterrent to prevent this from ever happening again. They almost succeeded."

Crimes committed during the Obama Administration, were obvious, but, like the Holodomor Denial, the 4th Estate remained silent. The Obama butt sniffing, Progressive, press pack dogs elevated sycophancy to the level of Christian Virtue while obfuscating and participating in Deep State, premeditated, malfeasance. Since 2010, the Obama White House, "Unmasked", "Illegally Surveilled" and spied on journalists, private citizens and opposition campaigns in order to assist the Fascists in the Deep State in their quest for absolute power.

The ascension of Trump, into the Oval Office shocked the "Triumvirate" of the Deep State, the DNC and the 4th Estate, all players on the same team, into the ex nihilo creation of the "Russian Collusion" Hoax. The, from the start, obviously biased, partisan, meretricious "Mueller Report", always, Beria like, in search of a crime, failed to produce any criminality,as does this latest tendentious narrative, parroted by the repetitive, quotidian, Adam Schiff. Schiff's abject, shameless avowal of obvious lies, innuendo are now at a Kavanaugh level. He should bring out a punch bowl for refreshments next week during the DNC "Show Trial".

Held so far, in abeyance, on the right, is righteous Rage At The Machine.

We will see, if Lady Justice is truly blindfolded in the next 10 days.

You decide . . .


  1. Top 5 Possible crooks arrested:
    1. Obama
    2. Hillary....bleaching her hard five and who can forget Vince Foster
    3. Any newspaper editorial board member who had hate for teen Nicholas Sandman.
    4. Pelosi- passing impeachment to see what was in it
    5. Schiff... impersonation of a human being

  2. Byron Funkhouser11/17/19, 5:12 PM

    Hysterical nonsense from a raving lunatic.

  3. You are 100% correct Chuck. Now let loony liberal left heads roll.

  4. At first Byron, when Trump said they "Obama had his wires tapped", the media lied and said that it was a "Conspiracy Theory". Then, when it was proved that the lines, were in fact, "tapped" by the Deep State, then the media said there was no such thing, as "The Deep State". Then when it was proven, irrefutably, unIMPEACABLY, that there is a cabal of Federal Bureaucrats in the Intelligence Agencies, the State Department, the IRS. etc. etc. who are in fact, engaged in a coup right at this very minute, the media said, YES, there is in fact, a Deep State, but they are good guys who know better than us, how to govern our country and make decisions.

    And now, it includes, the MILITARY.


  5. It is a coup and Americans should be afraid.

  6. Chuck, the quote about pearls before swine comes to mind! Here YOU put forth paragraphs of reasonable comments and BYRON does his usual drive by hit with one sentence of dismissive horseshit.

  7. Byron says:Hysterical nonsense from a raving lunatic.

    Now Byron saying such is a hoot. Remember this is the guy drummed out of the service just shy of a section 8 whose own family washed their hands of his raving antics 40 some years ago. The guy who lives about as far from any black population as he can while gushing daily his love of them. byron hates guns but lives in a state that has more gun owners who own more guns per person that either Kansas or Missouri but he comes here bashing on us about guns.

    Only thing hysterical I have seen here in days is Byron chirping like a looney bird.

    Did Byron ever show us his tax returns? Has Byron ever gave up his salary by donating it to those in need? No Byron has done nothing his whole life outside of be hysterical.

  8. Depends on who you are Chuck as to how thick the blindfold on justice is. I agree long prison sentences is in order.

  9. I can’t wait to see how many dimwits go to prison! They will send these lyin crooked assholes to Leavenworth, and hilly will be leading the way!!!

  10. Watching Brennan on CNN make me puke. The guy just has a look on his face like he's trying so hard to appear cerebral and professional when he's really coming across like he has something terrible to hide. I think he was behind a lot of the illegal crap that was going on and will eventually pay for it.

  11. Byron serves his Master's well. @Chuck right on the Money, or shall we say 'Knows What Time It Is'......

  12. Gawd, the worst is Adam Schiff. This self righteous prick looks and acts like the schiffty Dean Phillip Elias in the movie Necessary Roughness. Same slime ball lying snake in the grass asshole personality. Schiff is having an orgasm as head of this impeachment circus. Trump offensive nature just triggers these sensitive whimps beyond belief. It is so all about hurt feelings with these people.

  13. Brennan is a Communist devotee and he's bowed down too his Allah. That's why obama chose him. They go hand in hand. Why would an American President release 5 Snakes for 1 worm deserter Bowe Bergdahl? And Pallets of $$$$$ to Iran in the dead of the night (Secretly) without Congress? I'm very fearful for our Country with the Dims in control. Chose your side wisely it may be your last,,,,,

  14. Did peelousy have a stoke or something? Her face looks like broken granite and listening to her try to speak is damn near impossible, whatever she’s trying to say it sounds like a cross between some hoodrat and bLIEron, she makes me cringe whenever she’s on tv, the stuttering is just plain painful. You dimwits have a real winner with that one! Hahahahaha!

  15. Was there a full moon this weekend?

  16. Pelosi should be arrayed for false advertising.
    Everyone knows she is 80 and her tits drag the ground.
    Her bra is full of false promises... just like her soul.

  17. All these traitor democrats ought to be hauled out of the congress and the senate by their feet and hung up by their thumbs. The only way to really take control of our country is to eliminate these criminals from our government forever. These idiots truly believe they are untouchable,the scumbags are protected by armed guards ride around in armored vehicles all the while doing absolutely nothing besides laughing at the American people and spitting in our faces. The only chance for us to survive is to get rid of these criminal democrats as soon as possible and hope it’s not too late

  18. Thanks for the comments, positive and negative.

  19. Bill Taylor's not a deep state guy. He's career Army that works in the Diplomatic Corps. Russia is taking territory from Ukraine. Trump was holding military aid approved by congress. There was no need for Giuliani's to interfere with the process. Trump will walk but the hearings need to continue so the public understands clearly this was a blunder of historical proportion.

  20. Jim Jordan has been accused of being aware that a team doctor was sexually abusing athletes while he was a wrestling coach at the Ohio State University (OSU). He is also accused of overlooking the charges and trying to cover them up instead of putting a stop to it. Although Jordan is not accused of any abuse himself, several former OSU athletes have said that Jordan of covered up the team doctor’s abuse.

  21. Chuck does write well, and he does use lots of big words, but the venue he wastes his time on turns all his efforts into some sort of McBethian "Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing"!

    Chuck, if the "Evil Schemes" are as vast and powerful as you say, what hope is there for any of us?

    Patrick Henry you ain't.

  22. Comedian Andy Kaufman is Schiff's dad. Coogle it.

  23. Sam Adams he is.

  24. Chuck never met a comma he couldn't stuff into a raving sentence.

  25. Chuck is not only a wordsmith, also a sentencesmith and paragraphsmith, affectionately. Irony would be if he was Chuck Smith or not.

  26. Can't wait to hear Devin "I'm suing a fake internet cow" Nunes and Gym "come jack off in front of my wrestlers" Jordan spin this garbage. Much ado about nothing coming shortly.

    Newsflash, this report will lead to the arrest of no one.

  27. ^^^^ There should be around 3 dozen Democrats, investigated, indicted, prosecuted and incarcerated for sedition and treason.

    That probably won't happen, because Washington D.C. is the most corrupt city on earth with respect to economic scale.

    There will be indictments and some of your favorite Fascists will go off to prison. If you don't know that, then you are RUN FORREST RUN!!! stupid.

  28. Thanks, Chuck.
    Excellent analysis.
    Please keep commenting.


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