Saturday, November 16, 2019

Kansas City Blogging Against Evangelicals Who Still Support Prez Trump

Political questions from a KC newsman and writer on the topic of faith and morals . . . Here's the ongoing 2020 debate and/or moment of doubt . . . Read more:

How did evangelicals lose their way?

As any adult American with a pulse knows, the term "evangelical" when applied to Christians can mean many different things, including devoted Trump supporters who ignore the reality that his life has been a rejection of most of their values....


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Better title would be : How did the democrats lose their way
Did the author ever consider that christians didnt gravitate to the GOP as much as they were pushed out of the democrat party?

Anonymous said...

Tammeus is an idiot. It doesn't take more than a thimble-full of brains to understand why evangelicals voted for Trump.

Simply . . . it's because he wasn't named Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

It's most probably because they're abandoned the teachings of Jesus and wed themselves to an amoral whoremonger who has no history of Church membership or attendance because they were told to by their cult leaders.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bill is old and stil trying to regain something by thinking he influences as game writes.
He influences me to:

1. Not read his stuff. It’s a foregone conclusion what he has to say
2. See number one

Didn’t he write for the KC Times years ago or the almost bankrupt Star? They are so liberal and continue to:
1. Hate Catholics
2. Hate Trump
3. Hate Conservative USA
4. Hate Nicholas Sandman
5. Hate preborn human babies
6. Hate hate hate

Karma is coming what with Trump exposing Adam Schiff and Pelosi as they continue to attack Trump with hate while doing nothing for the US citizens. Bill seems to be liberal.

The wall is being built to protect against illegals, drugs, and crime... I guess libs are for that.
Financials are awesome.
Employment among minorities are highest ever.

Newspapers tanking. Ex-writers showing true colors.

Coincidence? Nope. Karma.

Anonymous said...

And yet Trump is the most historicaly unpopular President in history, jobs are still fleeing over seas and he’s going to be impeached. Weird.

Anonymous said...

7:20 +10000000

Don’t the dimwits hate religion? Aren’t they the ones that attack religion and it’s followers constantly? Funny how the dimwits like cleaver insult and divide religious people for political gain and then when things don’t go their way they scream that god wouldn’t like that and then accuse people of being kkk members for voting against them.

The dimwits are anti religious until it serves a purpose for them. The cleave is a perfect example of that.

I also like how the black guy is making excuses for cleaver being in Washington for the impeachment hearings when A. they don’t know who he is and B. They don’t need him for anything. He’s hiding from the very people that voted his dumb ass in because he insulted everyone of us.

Anonymous said...

What's really weird is your TDS! :)

You ready for four more years?

Anonymous said...

8:08 give it up chimpy, go back to flinging poo because you telling the truth is like listening to cleaver call an entire city racist because you/he didn’t get their way. Both of you are habitual liars. fake news. Sad.

Anonymous said...

And yet 8:08 is right, and all the talking yam's horses and all the talking yam's men won't be able to put the talking yam back together again. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Can you attempt English?

Super Dave said...

I remember a time when ministers talked about the Bible and family. Now it appears they all want to be lobbyists and politicians.

Anonymous said...

Evangelicals didn't lose their way.

They have always been lost.

They are fake Christians that fall for every carnival barker conman that swoops in with a collection plate and a rousing stump speech. They are no different in picking "moral" political leaders. Suckers.

Anonymous said...

By the time AG John Ashcroft failed to prosecute the Invasion Of Iraq that sent the US Empire into a freefall, it was clear Evangelism had already peaked because the population just wasn't buying Calvinism anymore. Success is the crapshoot of birth not rewards from the approval of a sky god.

MDLQ said...

......Hey 8:12,,,you're the one that thinks the reason we have all the prob.'s
in the world is because.....'a woman bit into an apple'.
I outgrew that crap along with all the other illogical nonsense yrs ago. ........
and we keep trying to undo all the birth defects your god 'blesses' us with.
correct?, just move in real close to that open bible....and SLAM it shut as fast and hard as you can.....and we'll all be better for it.'re welcome.