Kansas City Blogger Bill Denounces Bigotry

A rare, fiery post from this this scribe covering topics of faith & morals shares a controversy impacting diverse communities and a more established religious character . . . Check the worthwhile read:

Responding to a woman-hating pastor

One of the reasons many young people leave or never affiliate with a Christian church is that they are repulsed by what they consider bigotry against women and LGBTQ people, to say nothing of toleration for racist and/or anti-scientific views...


  1. What about your bigotry against Catholics, Billybob?

    You salivate with pleasure whenever you can publish something bashing them.

  2. The cults that warped Christ's message into some form of "We are better than You are" in order to attract those people who had doubts about their own worth are now finding that their message has little appeal except to those few "pitiful souls" who still secretly feel they are worthless.

    As the philosopher Henry Gibson said on Laugh-In,
    "Young people these days are leaving the Church and going back to God!"

  3. Go trim a clit with your muzzy buddies Bill.

  4. Here we go again

  5. Has Bill Tammeus come out of the closet yet?

    This gossipy story is apparently about a male faith leader talking smack about a female faith leader.

    Notice how Tammeus throws in the LGBTQ issue? Why did he do that when it wasn't part of this topic?

    Well, it's a writer's trick to bring more people into the controversy and rally for your side of the argument.

    Bill Tammeus consistently espouses a very liberal social/theological interpretation of Scripture and religious-themed writing. Yet, to my knowledge, he refuses to identify his true self, informing readers that he approaches these topics as a politically liberal homosexual man. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just be honest.

  6. Christian churches everywhere are known for promoting the teachings of the Bible. In the Bible a woman places God first and her husband second before her and follows their word. They Bible is against same sex sexual type relationships no big news there. How shocking the same Bible Bill likes to hide behind disagrees with him. No real news there, the Bible is in good company of those who disagree with Bill.

    But Bill you idiot, young people are leaving and not joining the churches everywhere and of all faiths. Today's youth does not seen to share the same religious beliefs than say grandpa and mama did.

    Maybe Bill and the rest of the New Religion Zanies should all go off and rewrite the Bible to be however they deem it should be and live that life style and shut the hell up about everyones elses choice of religion.

  7. Trump is the God King so grab that pussy in The Sweet Bye And Bye.


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