Kansas City Animal Control Cruelty?!?!

Tragic note as KC Pet Projects gets ready to take over this city department . . . Here's a local complaint alleging horrific mistreatment of a doggie amid tense circumstances. Read more on this report that comes with a warning to newshounds who are sensitive about stories that report harm against animals . . . Checkit:

KC sisters accuse animal control officers of abuse after dog loses 27 teeth during bite call

Editor's note: Some viewers might find some of the footage included in the video above graphic. KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One metro family says their dog has been abused. Their concern stems from a weekend biting incident, resulting in most of their dog's teeth being knocked out.


  1. I guess it's OK for her to have an animal that is a nuisance, bites children and runs around on the loose when the owners are nowhere to be found. Sound like lovely neighbors, and responsible people. Too bad the doggie cops didn't kill that "very good boy" Charger.

  2. No sympathy for these 2 fools. They can afford a Ring doorbell system but not to get your dog vaccinated and licensed. Lazy !!! I hope that kids parents sue the shit out of you. Hope you have homeowners insurance to cover that kids expenses. Strict liability applies to dog bites.


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