Thursday, November 28, 2019


We refuse to forget our traditions even if the imaginary commies want to take away Thanksgiving.

And so . . .


From "many sides" of the discourse, there's a smorgasbord of Kansas City turkeys to highlight, celebrate, consider and mock. Checkit:

Jackson County Executive Frank White Crowned Greatest Turkey Of Them All

From constant fights with the Legislature, delays in fixing the busted courthouse, constant bickering with the Prosecutor's office, to his stubbornness in finding a viable solution to the Jackson County property tax crisis . . .  


His legacy of political FAIL now greatly outshines any memory of old school Kansas City Royals baseball glory.

Talker Scott Parks Sounds Like A Turkey

This talker was a reactionary so-called Conservative not so long ago but as listeners abandon terrestrial radio and his local celebrity status fades . . . Kansas City talker Scott Parks has given into a strange version of Trump derangement syndrome that isn't really about policy but seems to be a cynical attempt to grab ratings and troll his audience. This year he blocked TKC on Twitter and refuses any debate to back up constant bickering with so many daytime listeners who don't want to hear his unhinged rantings or shallow boomer-humor back & forth.

Council Dude Eric Bunch: Transit Turkey Who Crossed The Road For Developers

This transit advocate earns a lot of love inside his social media bubble but few of his acolytes know that he used his "credibility" this year to help push luxury hotels on the Plaza. He spoke of a sketchy altercation with a driver that wasn't reported to police and offered no evidence but used the incident to denounce "toxic driving culture" and berate every motorist in the metro.

Sadly, whilst this political turkey talks a great game about crossing the road, his followers don't notice his growing list of luxury developer endorsements.

Kansas City Chiefs RB Tyreek Hill Still Inspires Broken Wing Debate

In fairness, there's a worthwhile argument that Mr. Hill is the victim of lazy journalism knee-jerk and #MeToo run-off. But none of that really explains the sketchy circumstances around a youngster's broken arm and his awkward and mostly unintelligible attempts to claim persecution. Sports talkers do a much better job of defending this exceptionally talented player but time and time again the NFL and local fanboys have FAILED to show much interest in player's tragic lives or their well-being off the field.

So Many Turkeys Debating MLK Blvd Vs. The Paseo Embitter Kansas City

The politics of KCMO is so dysfunctional that voters can't come together and figure out a street name. Now aftermath and follow-up discussion regarding dismantled KCMO MLK Blvd is dominated by Rev. Al Sharpton. Kansas City political leadership has proven INCOMPETENT AND INEPT at bringing together opposing sides of a debate which has only served to distract voters from far more important matters like the skyrocketing murder count that continues despite street names.

Will Council Lady Turkey Heather Hall Straighten Up And Fly Right???

This one is tough . . . We adore Council Lady Heather Hall and believe she COULD be the Kansas City's first real Conservative Northland Mayor but her recent vote on Strata downtown office space has many budget hawks and tax fighters flustered. Moreover, Council Lady Heather clearly doesn't like getting her hands dirty. She's quick to highlight her EXCELLENT WORK bring more resources to Northland neighbors BUT hides behind stronger personalities when it comes to intense debates among her colleagues. Kansas City conservatives want to give Council Lady Heather Hall MORE POLITICAL CONFIDENCE!!! Still, this year we've seen her eat crow and fade into the background at 12th & Oak.

KCPD Chief Talks Turkey When He Enters The Political Fray

We RESPECT KCPD Chief Smith and his lifetime career commitment to public safety.

Still, his political opinions have ruffled the feathers of locals on both sides of the aisle as the HORRIFIC KANSAS CITY HOMICIDE COUNT ESCALATES AT A RECORD PACE ON HIS WATCH.

The Chief set stoners abuzz when he blamed weed for violence in a reefer madness blog post that sparked a great deal of push back and significant evidence that his definition of terms was hyperbolic and merely looked to thwart local marijuana reform ordinances.

And then, he wanted to stand up for the 2nd Amendment but inadvertently endorsed gun training regulatory demands that are far more stringent than any anti-gun laws currently on the books.

Whilst we appreciate the Chief sharing his political views and insight into his motivations . . . His conclusions deserve skepticism and shouldn't go without a challenge.

Wrap Up Kansas City Star Turkeys

The newspaper is walking around with their head chopped off and doesn't seem to know it. Kansas City Star parent company McClatchy can't pay pensions, seeks federal bailout and is now a PENNY STOCK. What's worse is that they still claim to be FIRST AMONG LOCAL NEWS when social media and stronger local news outlets now lead the conversation. Moreover, delivery problems, no Saturday paper in 2020 and some really myopic navel gazing op/ed screeds from this formerly great paper have turned away readers and ruined this admittedly important local resource.

And so . . .


We encourage our blog community to suggest their own local turkeys and enjoy this truly American holiday!!!


Anonymous said...

the bird is served, thanks T.

Bubs said...

I think Sly still deserves an honorable mention. He's still trying to steer the debate and he's something of a KC author now. Don't forget about his consultancy that's using an employee to try to influence decisions at city hall. He should be on this list.

Anonymous said...

Public works. The potholes are already popping up and not all of them have been fixed from last year.

Anonymous said...

Kobach and Rep. Sharice Davids at the same irrelevant. table. A true Kansas thanksgiving miracle!

Quatto said...

^^^ +100 LOL

Drum stick said...

Good list and while Eric 'Spandex' Bunch and the Paseo infighting made the list the fake fat revs should be #2 on the list. Rep car wash Cleaver needs to be #3 for referring to the citizens of KCMO as racist and comparing them to the KKK for wanting to follow city charter.

Maybe the Paseo warriors will start a petition to rename Cleaver Blvd. to MLK Blvd.

chuck said...

K C Star - A Turkey deader than the one in your oven.

Super Dave said...

Kansas City is ran by a bunch of turkeys.

Super Dave said...

LOL Good one Chuck.

Grip Madlock said...

Parks has another award to put next to his NAACP award and ticket stub from seeing Prince when he was 13

Anonymous said...

Kc taxpayers are the real turkeys, they're paying for this mess.

Anonymous said...

Clay County's Jerry Nolte deserves dishonorable mention for creating controversy by never co-operating with his co-commissioners.
He and his cronies take a common coffee maker and create a state audit.
He manipulates the media with false claims that he was evicted from the courthouse among other trumped up issues.
Just as table bound turkeys have bad karma today, he should note that what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Those diabetic, heart diseased, diverticulosis having Revs are certainly jive turkeys for the stunt they pulled using Martin Kings name. Those fucktards deserved to be sacrificed for the Thanksgiving Dinner but their too toxic to consume. Just throw the whole damn jive turkey in the trash.

Anonymous said...

A local tradition half a century: kansas city 'too many holes' swiss chiefs... 53 turkey's - no waiting!

Anonymous said...

They Trust Us.. Dumb Fucks

City Hall should put that in the "within these walls" room.

Anonymous said...

It would save everyone lots of time to just make a list of KCMO and Jackson County "celebrities" who AREN'T turkeys.
The list would be a lot shorter.
And what ever happened to Jolie Justus and Jason Pander?

MO said...

KC is such a strange town. These people are actually supposed to be powerful but they have very little control over there offices or their day-to-day jobs. They're really just showing up to collect a check and have no responsibility for the outcome of their work. We need to do better in Kansas City I hope that there's a better way to hold people accountable or at least half the public voice heard more loudly. This list is a start but there needs to be more ways to show discontent with how the city is run. Like the property taxes, we all knew it was a joke and a bad deal but there was nothing we could do about it. That needs to change.

Anonymous said...

KC is such a strange town @3:14

very very very strange town.

Anonymous said...

Look at the positive we can all fantasize and pretend that Google, Facebook, Nasa, Amazon, Cisco, and all the others have their headquarters in our amazing and vibrant silicon downtown.

Anonymous said...


* chuck has actually used this word, don't laugh

Anonymous said...

^^^^ No visitors today boomer?


Not a one?

What did you do to them.

Sorry you're alone. Bundle up. It will get cold tonight.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Eric Bunches' partner at BikeWalk

Eric Rogers@erogers
Nov 27

Ban cars, not apartments!

Anonymous said...

They still haven’t put the Paseo signs back up

Anonymous said...

Ha, you're going to prison bitch!

Anonymous said...

prison is where folks eat, sleep, have sex, fight, and pay no rent.

Anonymous said...

Another KCPD failure.