Kansas Abortion Fight FOREVER

Worthwhile overview of legal decision "finding that the Kansas Constitution protects the right to personal autonomy and that includes the choice to have an abortion." Translation: Roe V. Wade overturned ends NOTHING . . . And so a Kansas constitutional crisis emerges in the fight for life vs. liberty and the most barbaric "medical practice" government has dared to endorse as a matter of politics over humanity.

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'This Fight Has Existential Stakes': How a Court Ruling Has Thrown Kansas Abortion Laws Into Flux - Rewire.News

Both pro-choice advocates and their opponents in Kansas are determining how best to proceed in the wake of the Kansas Supreme Court's ruling declaring abortion a fundamental right protected by the state's constitution.


  1. I wonder what other rights are lurking within the penumbrae of the Constitution, just waiting for an opportunity to emanate out and surprise us all? Never fear, the Kansas Supreme Court will consult its Magic 8-Ball Rights Emanator Machine at every opportunity and unveil them one by one.

  2. Byron Funkhouser11/13/19, 10:23 AM

    The United States Constitution gives women the right to choose abortion.

    Anything less is tyranny & slavery.

  3. Abortion is actually pretty disgusting.

  4. The United States Constitution gives me the right to call you an asshole Byron, but that don't make it right either.

  5. 10:23, you are getting it wrong, again. The KS SCOTUS decision was based on the Kansas Constitution, not the US Constitution. It represents that court's fail-safe in case Roe and other federal abortion cases are overturned.

    Consequently, your reference to the US Constitution is irrelevant.

  6. So what about stillbirths?......Murder? or 'the will of god?'..........
    The only abortion allowed is by god........right?
    What says the devout christian?
    .....and what kind of god does this?

  7. @ MDLQ

    By your logic, people die naturally ... what's wrong with murder - the end result is the same.

    Finding abortion repulsive has nothing to do with religiosity, it's just f_cking disgusting in its own right.


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