Friday, November 08, 2019

Kangaroo Parking Has Always Sucked

Pardon this bit of nostalgia for a simpler time when 'lil TKC was sharpening his pre-med skillz and just starting out upon a lifelong journey into the mystery of white women . . . And yet, even back then parking was garbage, destroyed nearby homes and offered important life lessons about avoiding random mugging or, even worse, becoming one of the countless KCMO homicide victims. Also, making it back home before Seinfeld was a priority for most late-90s college dorks.

The struggle continues but now there's a social component for college students who hope for human interaction beyond the awkward post-coital mumbling following a Tinder hookup.


Classroom to campus: Students tackle the social problem of UMKC parking

When the phrase "UMKC parking" is uttered, most of us have some pretty afflictive feelings associated with it. It's time-consuming, hard to come by, and most of all, expensive. Students, faculty and staff have had a long-standing struggle with accessibility, availability and affordability of UMKC parking.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn’t they be walking?

Anonymous said...

^^Damn right they should be