Immigrants Keep Kansas Alive

Across the board, Conservatives are working to limit both illegal and legal immigration to the U.S. . . . As Kansas population shrinks, we see that this strategy has a downside could thwart the economic future of the Sunflower State. Checkit:

Kansas Cattle Town Dodge City Bucks A Rural Trend With Growth Driven By Immigrants

DODGE CITY, Kansas - The history of this small city built on the cattle trade sets it apart from most towns in rural Kansas. The mere name of the place evokes recollections of the Wild West and the subsequent romancing of that age. Yet Dodge City also stands apart from the region that surrounds it.


  1. Gangs and drugs are killing Dodge City. Yes gangs are very real and nasty group of people selling most the drugs in the area and beating up anyone who tries to go in competition against them. Who are the gangs made up of? Mexicans of course. Need to change name of town to Mexico on the Plains.

  2. If it were not for the foreign-born new arrivals, Dodge City and the rest of that region would be a crabgrass prairie with a small abandoned town here and there. In case you haven't noticed, agriculture is failing out there: They're running out of water. Relatively good-paying jobs feeding, killing and disassembling livestock are the only reason anybody at all moves there. Be glad there is at least that.

  3. you mean they recruit immigrant labour so they dont have to pay a living wage.
    Gangs? in Dodge City? GTFOH

  4. The Government spends around $300,ooo.00 a year on each one. The individual spends $12 thousand. That's some economics for ya'. America is not ranked 46 th in International Education rankings for nutin'.

    1. Keep believing right wing lies there hoss. I hope it helping with you loneliness.

  5. Trump won Western Kansas 80/20 in some counties. The only reason they're interested in immigrants coming to Western Kansas is to turn some hardcore Red counties Blue.


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