Check this worthwhile blogger newsman post about the role of faith communities in saving the planet and how they find inspiration by way of scripture. Checkit:

The role of religious people in saving the planet

Lots of people know the 23rd Psalm and can recite it from memory. But today I want to jump up one to Psalm 24, specifically to this line opening line (in the Common English Bible translation): "The earth is the...


  1. Um give it rest Bill oTay?

  2. He is clueless.
    Worst winter in years upon us.
    Glacier ice bigger and bigger each week- reversing trends.

    How old is he... okay boomer?

  3. ^^^ Cite the source of your claims @6:55 - okay buster?

  4. Whether or not you’re religious, we should all do what we can to keep the land clean. How many of you are old enough to remember just how bad the pollution was in the 1960’s? Then the “ecology “ movement started and we began to clean up the trash in the rivers and lakes. The sides of hiway were so covered in trash, you would of thought you driving on a road in Asia.
    But like everything else that is good and meaningful, it gets taken over by political leftists who use it as a way to force socialist crap on us

  5. I remember the 70’s as a kid, with that Native American shedding that tear on those public service television ads. People stopped throwing shit out their car window, for the most part. Then a few years ago I went through the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Trash in all the road side ditches. WTF?

  6. Pollution is a different issue from Climate Change. But don't worry...The Muslims will start a nuclear war and nuclear winter will end the problems.

  7. exactly, climate change is different from pollution. Climate change is a economically friendly green corporate narrative that seeks to destroy the oil industry. TRue oil companies are a bunch of overpaid dicks that do not do much R&D or make much of an effort to prevent spills b/c affects bottom line, but Oil is a renewable resource, solar panels require mining rare earth minerals.

    Climate change diverts from the issue of pollution, and shifts generations of kids from a simple concept of pollution to a nebulous debate focusing on data that only esteemed scientists can appreciate and must explain to us. Keeping water clean, and all the necessary protocols to do so, is too damaging to the bottom line, but would do more to avert 'climate catastrophe', ecosystem collapse, and extinction rates than focusing on carbon.

  8. democrats do not really want2 or even could destroy the oil industry with the climate change debate or else they would stop fully participating in wars or regime change for oil.

  9. Locally building a 'smaller & nicer' POS airport is more worthy than updating sewage plants.

  10. A typical electric car takes about 8 hours to charge, and maxs out at about 250 miles. Few charging station infrastructure, even in CA, long distance travel on a electric vehicle seems far in future. If you can afford a telsa may be able to do 600 miles on a charge.

    Ethanol is not 'green'. dams are not really green. Coal everyone knows is not green. Wind farms seem most green "57,000 wind turbines operating in 41 states and two U.S. territories. American wind farms now produce enough electricity to power over 30 million average homes..." but only provide about 20 percent of the electricity in six states. And wind turbines & solar panels require rare earth metals.

    Climate change is democrats favorite political posturing, to win elections.

    The kicker? China is the world's rare earth mineral capital.

  11. stored, buried or dumped nuclear waste, not green.
    fracking for natural gas, not green.
    the 50s dream is dead, a green ecomomy is an illusion.
    pumping women full of hormones for birth control is bad for their health. men will just have to start getting vasectomies en masse.

  12. until they get serious and figure this shit out.
    the 1% will have to have some austerity, that may have the horrific effect of lowering a handful to upper middle class.

  13. What a dick, I feel pranked when I was told God wouldn't destroy the world with water again.


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