Golden Ghetto Spy Tech Starts Today

It's easy to think of this move as "harmless" and something that might solve the issue of transparency and conflict in testimony. The reality is that this move along with advancements in quantum computing will help advance facial recognition and near 24-hour-surveillance targeting every resident by authorities and the machines they use to control the populace.

Take a look:

Overland Park police to begin wearing body cameras Monday

Police in Overland Park, Kansas, are getting an upgrade to their gear Monday -- officers will begin wearing body cameras.More and more, those cameras are becoming standard equipment for police.


  1. Good glad they are so all these bleeding hearts can see the shit they have to deal with.

  2. 9:36am is right on the money.
    Now all the edited videos wailing, crying, and accusing the police of overreacting will have to been seen with the context of just what behaviors and actions took place first.
    Not a good day for the BLM crowd!

  3. ^^Sure pops, why aren't you watching Matlock with the rest of the pants-shitters?

  4. Brother all you do is call names, but the first two posts are entirely accurate. The police put up with a ton of crap, and this will help tell their side. It will also help departments to find problem officers before they become bigger issues.

    If you have to entertain yourself with you own posts find some new material, the pants shitting stuff is getting stale.

  5. ^^Then quit shitting your pants pappy!

  6. ^^^Are you sitting right beside this person? Then you know nothing you disgusting pervert.


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