Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Following Soul Crushing Loss, Fanboys Defend Coach Reid Amid Mid-Season Slump

A warning, call to action and yet another instance of sports talkers and diehard locals defending the front office . . . Take a look:

Firing Andy Reid would be asinine decision by Kansas City Chiefs

Whether or not fans are serious about relieving Andy Reid of his duties or just downright angry about the embarrassing loss on Sunday, there's no reason for the Kansas City Chiefs to seriously consider firing Reid. First, let's get the obvious part out of the way.


Anonymous said...


"Does Andybody Really Know What Time It Is?"

Anonymous said...

Ried could take a dump on the field during a game and the fanatics would support him.

Anonymous said...

^^and you could die tonight and absolutely nobody would care!

Anonymous said...

andy reid clock (mis)management 101

brilliant 8:57!

Anonymous said...

So could you 11:10 so there!

Anonymous said...

Andy Reid is NOT going to be fired! Mahomes will not let it happen.