Friday, November 01, 2019

Fashion Non-Binary Declaration Addresses NEXTGEN Kansas City Garment Game

To be fair, given that 90% of this town is going to rotate wearing the same two hoodies until mid-March . . . It's unclear how much this local culture war pronouncement will resonate beyond a tiny social media bubble. Read more:

Gender Means Nothing in Fashion - In Kansas City

If RuPaul and Grace Jones have taught us anything, it's that gender means nothing in fashion. Step out in these menswear-inspired looks for a bold, powerful late-fall moment. White Out A clean-cut, white button-down is practically a uniform staple for the office, but this shirt dress takes it a step further.


Anonymous said...

Baggy jeans and an over-priced sweatshirt.
KC's way ahead of fashion trends on this one!

Anonymous said...

i wear my wife's sisters panties.