Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Downtown Kansas City Revolving Door Temporary Jail Experiment FAIL Explained

THANKFULLY, nobody was hurt but this disaster proves that the people running local government bodies and the prison industrial complex aren't quite as brilliant or powerful as we've imagined . . . Read more:

Head Of Kansas City's Temporary Jail Admits He Was 'Caught Off Guard' After Accepting Inmates

Kyle Mead got more than he bargained after he agreed to a one-year contract to temporarily house Kansas City inmates. Mead is the president and CEO of Heartland Center for Behavioral Change.


Anonymous said...

"Thankfully nobody was hurt"

It literally says one person died in the third paragraph

Anonymous said...

Police Station gets 30 million dollar renovation, then decides clear out the 8th floor jail, dumps 130 prisoners into the overcrowded Jackson County Jail.
The cry for privatization of jails begins from the City of Kansas City. Old public school gets converted to minimum security prison. The City under Sly James called privatization a victory two years ago just like Kansas Department of Corrections under Brownback.

Anonymous said...

4:23, the person did die but it was not painful, so no one was hurt is accurate. /s/

Like so many other do-gooders, the subject of this article vastly underestimated how bad the bad guys are.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the flip side of your homogenized freak show.