Saturday, November 02, 2019

Diehard Kansas City Royals Fans Already Dislike New Manager Mike Matheny

Nobody in town can contain their skepticism but this note does a great job in capturing the baseball fan zeitgeist that questions the front office and commitment of new ownership.


Mike Matheny isn't as sure of a thing as we think he is

In the introductory press conference for brand new Kansas City Royals manager Mike Matheny, Dayton Moore kicked things off with a few statements of his own regarding Matheny and the hiring process. The first substantive thing Moore said was, and I quote, "We went into this with a completely open mind."


Sly James Frosty Shit Hole City said...

Welcome to 11/02/2019 05:01:00 AM

Unknown said...

It's just another manager who does not know how to work a bullpen.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the guy.