Friday, November 01, 2019

Diabetes Good Deeds As Kansas City Crashes After Halloween Sugar Rush

Apropos community service news that parents might mention youngsters wondering why indulging in a holiday created by the food industrial complex has made them wobbly, tired and sad . . . Read more:

Metro man on a mission to connect diabetes patients to priceless resources

KANSAS CITY, Mo--- At just 10 years old, Caleb Scott doesn't suffer from diabetes, but knows first hand the effects it can have. "It runs in my family. My dad had diabetes but not anymore. But my grandmother, my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother, my aunt, my other aunt and my great-aunt, all have it," he said.


Anonymous said...

If you have the diabeetus have a talk with your Endo about the medication that strips yer pancreass of fatty build-up on the cells. It can allow the pancreass to produce insulin if it's not totally shot. I know a dude you knows a dude what got the diabeetus, he was doing 20 units after every meal. Now he's completely off insulin, still takes the daily long-term stuff, but with the v-somethingoranother his levels rise and settle back down at a regular rate. Also, get the bluedouche monitor with the arm sticker, much mo betta than stabbing your finger a bunch of times a day. Colloquialisms aside, be worth a convo.

Anonymous said...

^^Or you can eat a salad you fat tubs of shit.