Council Committee Endorses LGBT Conversion Therapy Ban For Kansas City

This fake-science practice has harmed many youngsters but overall the practice is uncommon . . . Of course our blog community supports a crackdown on pseudoscience as we probably need to take another look at those Visit KC numbers as well. Take a look:

Proposed conversion therapy ban heads to KCMO City Council for vote

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee heard impassioned pleas on both sides of a conversion therapy debate Wednesday. Supporters of the conversion therapy ban say it is a dangerous practice but there are others who say that banning this type of therapy is dangerous for people who are struggling with their sexuality.


  1. Maybe Quinton can rename the Paseo as Hershey Highway.

  2. John Holmes I ain't11/6/19, 11:21 PM

    I was sitting in my living room this evening, struggling with my sexuality. Then the urge hit me that I needed to go to the bathroom. I went in and unzipped my pants and my struggle ended when I discovered what I had forgotten, that I have a penis and I am a man. My wife later walked by in her negligee and my penis was engorged and I knew I was straight. Problem completely solved.

  3. ^^^So did you pee on your wife?

  4. ^^^ Is that what you do?


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