Costly & Controversial USDA Relocation To Kansas City Might Not Be Done Done?!?!

Higher up the food chain than Kansas City newseis . . . Here's a hint that this move might be facing last minute resistance that could save KCMO $6-MILLION bucks.

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Agriculture Dept. Announces Lease for Permanent Kansas City Location for Science Agencies

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said last week that his department has signed a lease for the new permanent home of two scientific agencies in Kansas City, Missouri, marking the latest step in the controversial and delayed decision to move nearly 600 positions out of the Washington metropolitan area.


  1. All USDA employees need to know is you go to work, come home, shut your curtains, avoid speaking to neighbors, lock your doors, and you'll be fine.

    Living the vibrant KCMO life!

  2. ^^ says the person coming from DC....

  3. The USDA spent 300-thousand dollars on a search for a new location; the USDA is spending money on retention and re-location benefits; the state of Mo is spending money on incentives; KC is spending money on incentives..... please tell me again how this is beneficial for taxpayers?

  4. It isn't Hyper - but it does serve to weaken or even destroy the Department, which is all part the "deregulation" (AKA getting rid of protections for the consumer) that the GOP has promised to Big Ag Corporations for years.

  5. USDA could readily be sliced right in half. Their fingers are in so many pies that have zero to do with agriculture.

  6. Good. We dont need more government assholes moving here. We are top heavy on assholes. Thanks!

  7. ^^^^^True Dat...

  8. Trump bilking the locals for more handouts.

    Swamp is as swamp does.


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