Comedy Of Errors: Kansas City Royals Earn Eric Stonestreet Investment

Double play . . . The home team has to pretend to make progress and prop up the horrible acting career of this b-lister . . . Take a look:

Actor Eric Stonestreet part of new Royals ownership group

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ahead of a planned news conference Tuesday with new Kansas City Royals owner John Sherman, the team released additional details about the new ownership group. Major League Baseball owners officially signed off on the deal, and on Monday, the financial aspects of the deal were finalized.


  1. looks like a group of fuck-ups that knows nothing about baseball. Let the circle jerk begin.

  2. ^^You mean like you?

  3. Milk N' Cookies Sweeney11/26/19, 6:53 PM

    Seems like a nice bloke, but what are his views on athletes consuming pornography?

  4. I thought Sherm had all of the money to do it on his own. Pussy KC media would not report til today when they had to.

  5. ^^^To be fair, no one knows what the ownership % are. I'd be curious to see what that looks like but my guess is Sherm owns 51%+


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