Saturday, November 02, 2019

Clay County Audit Cost Discounted

Background on this story is that a talking point of audit critics has been eliminated with a statement from this Guv contender on a popular crusade for the benefit of Northland good government advocates. Take a look:

Auditor: Clay County will not have to pay her office's lawsuit costs

In an open letter to the citizens of Clay County, Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway says her office will not be charging the county for legal fees involving a recent lawsuit, despite a court's ruling.The Clay County Commission filed a lawsuit against Galloway in January, questioning the auditor's power as a way to check the request for minutes from closed executive sessions and conduct management and performance audits of the county as part of the taxpayer-requested audit.


Anonymous said...

Damn, Nicole just undercut Luanne Ridgeway's next whine to Reporters!

Senator Swallow-well said...

She's (a democrat) running for office and doesn't want to piss off Clay voters.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Don't know why, pissing off Clay County voters doesn't bother Luanne or Gene!

Anonymous said...

“Governor Galloway” has a nice ring to it. Greitens flunkies are still entrenched in high salary positions all over state government