Community news op/ed review and a reason for locals to rage against some lonely dude who watches far too much cable and Internets news. Checkit:

Mid-Continent Public Library board member believes 'homosexual activists' and 'globalists' are driving the library's agenda

Emily Park It's typically pretty easy to find a seat at the monthly meetings of Mid-Continent Public Library's board of trustees. Tuesday's meeting, though, was standing room only. The unusually high attendance followed the recent publication of an editorial by one of the library's board members in a Platte County newspaper.


  1. Wow sounds like that crackpot who always posts on TKC about the Deep State and globalists. What's that guy's name?

  2. God bless Ms Wiese! She’s 1000000000000000000% correct, nobody wants to hear or be forced to listen to sick peoples thoughts. It’s a crying damn shame that “those people” want their rights beat into peoples heads all the while they want normal peoples rights and religions taken away, sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  3. "“A once-safe community setting known as the public library has become a space that, in the guise of intellectual freedom, wants to change thinking on voyeurism and gender confusion, while promoting materials and programs that lead children toward being sexually exploited,” wrote Rita Wiese, who represents Platte County on the MCPL board.

    Later in the editorial, Wiese calls the United Nation’s LGBT rights advocate Vitit Muntarbhorn a “homosexual activist” and blames “globalists” who “wage war on the family and religious foundations to protect the ‘diverse’ from stigma” for changes happening at the library—i.e., a class educating people about trans issues."

    WOW! God bless this lady for having the courage to tell the truth.

    "But many members of the public who attended Tuesday’s board meeting were enraged by Wiese’s actions."

    No one is shocked, that Progs get "ENRAGED" and triggered by anyone with the temerity to challenge the status quo. If you are not on the bandwagon with bumper stickers telling everyone "It Takes A Village" then you don't have the "High Ground" and are "Deplorable".

    The formerly bold, much needed and righteous organizations that moved Gays from in the closet into the mainstream, accepted and welcomed, have now become political, Progressive hammers used to intimidate, cower and diminish the middle class.

    The emphasis on encouraging very young children to deny their gender in some sick, twisted, psychotic need of parents, who, indoctrinated by the new "WOKE" culture want the latest "Accessory" is criminal, criminal, criminal.

    God bless this lady.

    1. ^^^ This! Great comment!

  4. Maybe 5% of the US population is gay. The problem, is that probably 50% of those who work in media/news/entertainment are gay. They set the agenda, because they largely control the bandwith, the airways, and the fake narrative.

    And, thanks to the "monkey see, monkey do" disposition of your average person, and the fear of social-media reprisals perpetrated by the politically correct lemmings, few people have the guts to say what they really think.

  5. Chuck, you write extremely well, but why don't you try your hand at Westerns of Detective novels, instead of restricting yourself to Fantasy?

  6. The outspoken board member is correct.

    MCPL’s Library Director and CEO Steve Potter is an LGBT member and covert activist.

  7. the downtown library is already lost to a radical homo-sexual agenda. Not a safe place for kids. Trans lit and queer fiction displays everywhere. They have perverts burrowed into central staff LOL “wick and the tricks” pressing constantly with a LGBT agenda and they are public employees ha ha how freaking stupid and low brow - supposed to be a place of learning and erudition and literature to be hijacked like this


  8. Damn, I actually agree with the library on this

  9. Ironic in a library post that most of the commenters on this don't appear to be well read.

  10. The next thing liberals are going to endorse are the people who cut off limbs, to make themselves disabled, in order to 'feel like their true selves.'

    You watch, it'll happen.

  11. So is Ms. Wiese responsible for the fact that copies of all books that criticize Donald Trump are mysteriously vanishing from the Mid Continent System's shelves?

    Maybe secret book burnings in Platte County?

  12. The media has a tremendous advantage due to what psychologist call "social proof". They can report that a position is normative, other people hear that and think that all other people think that and therefore they think that because they want to be accepted.

    People actually rarely question their beliefs or where they come from and the media understands that.

    The educational institutions also have a tremendous advantage due to the daily captive audience they have of young impressionable students/children in the classroom.

    The left was brilliant to infiltrate the educational systems and media outlets of our country. They have produced a bountiful harvest of puppets.

  13. We have allowed homosexuals to infiltrate our government, schools, churches and other aspects of our society where queers are unwelcome. It was a lot better when queers rightfully were ashamed at their malady and tried to hide it. Their sexual behavior was unlawful, as it still should be.

  14. HAMILTON FUCKING BURGER11/22/19, 11:07 AM

    Hey 8:01, now do you remember?

    Hey chuck, I'll break it down for you because you seem really, really stupid. Here goes: You don't have to comment. You chose to insert yourself into this. What other people do with their bodies is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESSS!. Don't give me this horseshit about it being in your face either. Look the other way, mind your own fucking business and for once in your miserable fucking life, keep your worthless opinion to yourself!! If you don't like it, who the fuck cares? You are so sick of this and so sick of what?

  15. Homos eat poop.

  16. 11'07 how about you STFU!

    It is in our face, look here in today's postings here at TKC alone just this morning and three of the stories all deal or hinge upon gay people.

    So yes you fucking clown it very much is shoved in our faces.

  17. 11:07 HAMILTON BURGER.

    Hamilton Burger won as many arguments as the Washington Generals won games.

    Your implication in my opinion, by the emotion in your comment, would indicate that you think, that my comment is anti-gay.

    It's not.

    The lack of nuance on the Totalitarian, Progressive Left, leaves no room for any compromise, or, acknowledgement of variables that would either dispute, or, dovetail with the Progressive narrative.

    I do not care, at all, about what kind of freaky sex ANYone has in their own homes. But out the lube, plug all the holes, invite in the neighbors and call in your pets. NO ONE wants to hear about your sex life incessantly on TV, Radio, newspapers, Entertainment to the point, where it defines the culture, if in fact, the people forced to hear about it, are now, the freaks because they are not fuckin their partners, pets and "spouses" in the front yard while screaming "Impeach 45!!!"

    The un"holy" coalition on the Left, insists that ANYTHING GOES!

    Encouraging little children to embrace "gender fluidity" is a fuckin sure fire recipe for disaster for those children as they age.

    Their minds, are not, in any way, able to understand what is going on.

    They are physically, mentally unable to make these life changing decisions, until their brains have formed, at a far, far, far later date.

    They don't even know, how much water is in a glass.

    This latest abomination, forced down our collective throats by the incessant insistence of the Progressive Media, is not just counterproductive and misguided, it is fuckin criminal.

    The agenda of the Gay movement, once logical and necessary in order to include all members of society in the light of day, has been co-opted by radical "Resistors" in order to control the middle class.

  18. BTW, I don't do "Social Media", or, most anywhere else on the interwebbs because there is no, NONE, no FREE SPEECH.

    You're right, I choose, on purpose, with premeditation to express myself here on this venue, where everyone's comments, nasty, evil, inspirational, personal, insightful and of course, perspicacious, provide unfettered, unrestricted access into what our local community is REALLY thinking.

    I ain't fuckin goin anywhere.

    1. Ok boomer

    2. You could die tomorrow, chuck.

      That's the hope, anyway.

    3. Martha hopes so, too. Can't wait to sell the place on Windsor and get the fuck away.

    4. Bryan Stalker11/22/19, 4:37 PM

      Chuck is spot-on, boys. Stop flaunting the faggotry and keep your filthy, degenerate dick skinners away from the children.

  19. Actually, all the "activists" aren't changing much of anything.
    It's all the spineless elected officials who just can't find the guts to ever say NO.
    Just watch what will go on in Johnson County now that all the city governments have passed completely unnecessary and ridiculous "gay anti-discrimination" ordinances.
    Next up?
    Ordinances outlawing "conversion therapy", just like in KCMO.
    Then maybe removing all pronouns like "he" or "she" from ordinances, because those pronouns hurt the feelings of the trans crowd.
    Once the "activists" get on a roll, the demands never stop.
    Any issue will be driven to its most extreme.
    Sad to watch.
    And a huge waste of time.

  20. People will believe in things that make no sense, like open borders, while at the same time wanting stricter gun control. They adopt these positions, not out of consideration, but out of group thing and wanting to "code" as educated, because they have been told by the media that these are things "educated" people believe in.

    Take some time to step back and think things through on your own, using logic and rationale.

  21. ^^So can you and that's desired.

  22. Lots of cray comments today.


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