Friday, November 29, 2019

Check Kansas City Bike-Friendly Rankings Amid Cold-Weather Off-Season

This time of year bike lanes are nearly completely unused but "advocacy" continues for consultants and public/private political hacks. Here's an example and data regarding our metro bike progress . . . Checkit:

League of American Bicyclists releases 2019 State Rankings

While our primary focus is in the KC metro, BikeWalkKC works to build a culture of active living throughout the region, and that includes efforts at the state level in both Kansas and Missouri.


Anonymous said...

Mow we need to strive to move Missouri to a position of "-5" on the list of Bicycle Friendly States.
Good job Missourians!

Anonymous said...

Cancel the bike lanes

Ignatius C. Einstein said...

I hope when the 2020 rankings come out both Kansas and Missouri will improve their rankings to somewhere in the lower 40's and stop being in the mid 30's. Somebody has to stop this madness!

Anonymous said...

Need more downward momentum on this spandex list, like everything else in KC. With effort, let's try for the single digits.

Anonymous said...

With a rapidly aging population - its foolish to let old people and bikes go down the same street. Bikers will be killed. Many older people cant afford glasses or eye checks. They are blind.