Celebrate Kansas City Urban Core Gun Rights

Worthwhile report on a great diversity gun ownership amid rising local violence and the misguided political impulse to disarm the populace . . . Take a look:

Changing perceptions, KC group looks at gun ownership through eyes of black community

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There's one black gun owner group that's reportedly growing faster than any in the nation, and it happens to have chapters on both sides of the state line. It's called the National African American Gun Association, or NAAGA.


  1. Plain and simple. Black people need to stop using violence and blame to solve every day life. Whether Guns, Knives, or attacks at Mcdonalds over too many fries. Everyone else needs to stop making up excuses for it and speak up. Loitering and endorsing Thug life is the real problem.

  2. ^^^^ did you even read or watch this news item?

    It's about minorities getting guns.

    You don't know what you're talking about, your comprehension seems to be ZERO.

  3. Legal gun owners protecting themselves from illegal gun owners it's the American way.

  4. Good folks exercising their constitutional rights. As a life NRA member I applaud them in their quest to protect their families.

  5. If you live in a even remotely dangerous area, and your a good citizen, you should carry a pistol if you have the ability level. Otherwise you will feel dumb just before you needlessly die when a perp just walks up and shoots you. Plus you might save someone else from being shot. Blacks need to carry - it might lower crime.


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