Monday, November 18, 2019

Behind The Scenes: Here's What Powers Kansas City Online Journalism Begging

Blame consumers or corporations . . . This is why so much news is moving behind a paywall, what's worse is that it's mostly wortheless and ignored out of the public eye even with clickbait headlines . . . Take a peek:

Americans take pride in local news, but most are unwilling to pay for it, study finds

There is a "market failure" in the local news business, a new report suggests, because "even though Americans tend to view local news as a community asset, most are not personally helping to keep it viable."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. In KC we're so proud of the Star. (FYI Fannin, it's sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

^^No geezer, nobody but the nearly-departed read the Star. Anyone without a rapidly deteriorating mind stopped reading newspapers a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else struck by the incongruity of the Knight Foundation using the WEB to conduct a survey of people's attitudes toward Newspapers?

Sort of creating your own irrelevancy - but Newspapers have been doing that for decades.

Create a virtual simulation of the daily newspaper as it was, include unlimited access to a searchable database of all past issues, charge a $5/month access fee, and watch the ducats roll in the door!

Anonymous said...

^^No. But then I'm not 60+ years of age so I stopped caring about newspapers decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Do people really “paper-shame” their neighbors?
I guess the new green generation hates to see newspapers in driveways... but yelling at people who subscribe?

I read in the paper the other day- because my neighbor got up late- that the weather is nice tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone with a fully functioning brain pay for the liberal socialist tripe that is the Star?