Sunday, November 03, 2019

Alt-Right Claims Missouri Period-Tracking Distraction Against Abortion Horror

Conspiracy contradiction taking the opposite side of a nasty debate on the fate of youngsters that's imperiled one way or another . . . Take a look:

Planned Parenthood's Period-Tracking to Distract from Botched Abortions

1 Dr. Susan Berry Missouri's Administrative Hearing Commission will determine whether the state's sole abortion clinic in St. Louis will remain open. The hearing concluded this week with Planned Parenthood and its media allies claiming state health officials were engaged in tracking with "spreadsheets" the menstrual cycles of Planned Parenthood's patients.


Anonymous said...


Weren't they the ones who broke the news last year about Barack Obama bombing Pearl Harbor in 1941?

And Hillary Clinton assassinating Abraham Lincoln a year later?

Anonymous said...

^^ MEDS! Stat! Take them for your TDS and STD's.