Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Here's a fun fact and a municipal political perspective amid this MSM manufactured fear . . .


Heck, it's almost like they planned it this way.

After the jump check a worthwhile local snow blast link list as we advise our readers to be careful and stay warm . . .


Roads wet, slick in spots for Wednesday morning commute

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Roads are wet Wednesday morning after a wintry mix of precipitation fell overnight and again in the early morning hours. 41 Action News Meteorologist Lindsey Anderson said roads could be slick in spots, such as elevated surfaces.

Show-Me Street Prep

MoDOT ready for rare October snowfall

The Missouri Department of Transportation said its crews are ready for a storm system that will bring snowfall to the Kansas City area.

Cowtown Winter Coming Soon

Kansas City prepares for winter weather in October

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Public works crews, hardware stores, tree trimmers and residents alike are all preparing for a rare October snowfall. 41 Action News Chief Meteorologist "1 inch of wet, heavy snow on the low end, and a few spots might end up with nearly 5 inches," as the storm strengthens Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Chill This Halloween

Halloween forecast looks to be wet, stormy in East as significant snow to impact Plains into Midwest

This Halloween looks to be more frigid and frosty than frightening across parts of the country. The National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center said a strengthening storm system is moving in from Canada, bringing a surge of arctic air and heavy snow into the northern Rockies on Tuesday and across the Plains states.

Kansas City Out On A Limb

Rare October snowstorm might wreak havoc on trees

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many people in the Kansas City area are watching the forecast this week, including tree trimmers who said that if at least 3 inches of snow falls, expect a mess like back in 1996. "It's going to be pretty bad," Philip Lopez, owner of Arboles Tree Trimming told 41 Action News.


Metro stores and shoppers preparing for first glimpse of winter weather

LENEXA, Kan. -- Stores in the metro were busy Tuesday preparing for the first of this season's impending snow. Westlake Ace Hardware stores began receiving and stocking up on winter supplies earlier this week. "We are ready. We are 100% ready," said Brad Shumway, general manager at the Lenexa location.

Big Picture Forecast Fear

Climate change is causing 'eco-anxiety' ― here's what we can do

As the reality of climate change becomes clearer than ever, some experts believe that as bad as the wildfires, droughts or record-breaking storms are, it'll be the anxiety over climate change that will affect Americans even more. Piles of reports document the gravity of this, and of what we potentially face.

Kansas City Radar Check

Weather Blog: The Storm Is Beginning To Form

Good evening, Kansas City. The radar echoes are rapidly increasing at 8:30 p.m., as I write this update. This first wave of energy from this storm will have a northern edge, and that northern edge will be just north of Kansas City, around 30 miles north of Interstate 70.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, yes.

Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk! There are still plenty of public employees we can blame for KC's infrastructure shortcomings. Starting with Sherri McIntyre and her dysfunctional department aka Public Works.

Anonymous said...

KCMO snow plow drivers have been given the day off.

Anonymous said...

No. We will not survive.
I am maxing out the Capitol One card today.

Anonymous said...

Then it’s time to start blaming the second most worthless, city clowncil, they need to step up from taking selfies and twitter and start doing the job the taxpayers are paying them for.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully with a little luck, most of the geezers on here won't survive it!

Anonymous said...

^^You won't notice. You've been dead for years.

Anonymous said...

Shady Lady.
Everyone be there. Hookers and blow are on me tonight.
We won't have a tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

7:34 AM That made my day right there.

Anonymous said...

Troy let the east side bully, Reed transform him into a puppet. Deferring basis services for the overall city to fund stupid 18th and Vine, Linwood Grocery, and Jazz Club projects should be why he never works around here again.

Anonymous said...

Didn't do any good to blame his worthless ass either.

Anonymous said...

Hope the snow doesn't block my bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Bob Evans closes and TBS airs a Matlock marathon. The last thing I want to deal with on slick roads are geezers out driving.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We still haven’t fixed all the pot holes from last winter so.....

12:28 c’mon chimpy, do us some monkeyshines or something!

Anonymous said...

The failed fair weather toy train is shutting down so the operators can make it home.