Will Tech Curb Kansas City Crime???

Latest hopeful effort from the prosecutor depends on digital spying, snooping and surveillance which also, conveniently, helps establish political leverage over communities far more than impacting the levels of violent crime.

Take a look:

Safe KC: New prosecutor's unit to use data to prevent crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jackson County, Missouri, Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker says she can't wait any longer. Crime in the county has gotten to the point where she needs her office to take a more proactive approach preventing violence instead of filing charges after the violence has taken place.


  1. Here's some "data" from 2017:
    There were 150 murders in KCMO.
    89% of the victims were black.
    At least that many of the perpetrators were black, although it's not possible to be precise because only 49% of the homicides were solved.
    The vast majority of the murders took place within a 65 square-block area in the urban core.
    Have the intelligence and guts to focus resources and attention on that area.
    That's from 2017, for god's sake.
    What a bunch of incompetent clowns!

  2. Jean Petersucker Baker, our worthless prosecutor, will try anything to avoid prosecuting criminals with the intent of putting them in prison for a lengthy sentence. Jean Petersucker Baker has neither the skill or the desire to do her job.

  3. ^^^and you will try to anything to feel like your alive. Posting this tripe is your only connection to others.

  4. Can't 11:58 say anything else it's the same old shit Everytime....


  5. WHAAAAAT Her office doesn't file charges when the crime takes place. This women is crazy and plying Kansas city for fools. She's a liar.

  6. ^^and you're a pants-shitter. Grow up. Find something to do!

    1. If your own mother wasn’t a pants shitter, you would have never been born.

  7. The Criminals are using technology. How do you think millions of pounds of drugs are entering the U.S.A YEAR .If you want to cut down on crime .YOU stop the drugs coming in and The customer that commits crime to support his or her habits.

  8. didnt we get this promise with the shot spotter technology?

    When will KCMO learn...get rid of the eTax. Get rid of the school district. Get some republicans in office. That is the ONLY way to attract businesses to the east side, get kids smarter, and make the symbiotic relationship between the employer and employee a good one. Its not a good deal today for the employer so they leave. That hurts the uneducated. that results in crime.

    LIBERALISM is fucking up KC and increasing crime. Technology will not solve any problem unless its being managed on a set of CONSERVATIVE MAGA values.

  9. I think Petersucker needs to focus on what her actuall job is and that’s prosecuting the murderous blacks, what’s she gonna do to stop crime? Hell, she’s already helping crime by letting them out on probation...... worthless bitch.


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