Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Will Kansas City Refuse Ever Corporations?!?

Developer news tells us that Waddell & Reed Nears Decision on Downtown Office Tower meanwhile this tax fighter report reveals that, of course, they want broke-ass locals to help pay for their new digs . . . Read more:

Incentives Will Never End Unless City Leaders Say No

Waddell & Reed was just granted $62 million in state subsidies, but apparently that is not enough; now they want more. Kevin Hardy at The Kansas City Star reports: The company is seeking a major property tax abatement to move into a new office tower in downtown Kansas City, according to economic development documents posted online .


Anonymous said...

Why not let Waddell & Reed stay where they are? They're already in the area, and they're laying people off right and left, so the odds of anyone moving here to take a job with them is nil. Just what would KC get out of the deal?

Hyperblogal said...

How did anything get built before incentives.?

Charlie Horse said...

My daughter's losing her job at Waddell so the fat cats in upper management can parade around like King Solomon.

Anonymous said...

So? That’s capitalism bun. Don’t like it? Move to Venezuela!

Anonymous said...

Building a new building with taxpayer subsidies is socialism; laying people off willl nilly is capitalism.

Socialism for the rich; capitalism for everyone else.