Will Facebook Run Fair Elections?!?!

A question bigger than local politics but still casting a shadow over the fate of Democracy. Here's a glimpse at cleanup efforts that many d-bags trolling hotties, posting dad jokes and spying on former lovers might or might not notice. Read more:

Facebook discloses operations by Russia and Iran to meddle in 2020 election

Facebook on Monday disclosed it had taken down four new foreign interference operations originating from Iran and Russia, including one targeting the US 2020 presidential elections that appears to be linked to the Russian troll agency, the Internet Research Agency (IRA).


  1. Remember The USS Liberty10/21/19, 7:52 PM

    Over the last five years, (((Facebook))) has censored, suspended, and banned everyone to the right of George Soros. Anyone who is against open borders, questions feminism, is anti gay agenda, thinks there are only two genders, or (gulp) gives examples of Jewish criminality etc is considered 'full of hate". Only google has banned and censored more free-thinking groups and individuals than this slimy fuck."Iran and Russia" my ass. No one interferes with US politics more than Jews.

  2. ^^^^Good! That means the system is working!

  3. TKC you could give two shits. This whole site relies on grievances and your venting

  4. You are being fooled, CHINA is the ones that you have to watch out for AND THE Clintons there Business dealings with the Chinese. And the Sleepy JOE. China DON'T want Trump to win so,they can go back to Ripping America off .

  5. 9:27, +1000...and Zuckerberg is serving the Chinese. He even married an ugly Chinese woman to show his loyalty. He is a traitor to the USA.

  6. Retro bringing the weird today. Good job Retro.


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