Friday, October 04, 2019


Reference for the photo: Trump's Nickelback tweet is a reminder that copyright trumps all

To be fair, the Prez's tweet was likely FAIR USE parody and yesterday's shut down was more about politics. On the bright side, the controversy gave the Internets another reason to hate this band: Trump Fans Are Enraged at Nickelback and Not For Their Music

Nevertheless, this GenX tidbit provides us a good starting point and a TKC reader suggested news link from one of our favorite "Libertarian rags" that's still online after all of these years. Read more:

Let Us Now Thank Donald Trump for Revealing Brutal Truths About How Power and Privilege Operate

Donald Trump As the impeachment of Donald Trump becomes increasingly popular- 45 percent of Americans now support the investigation of the president over his dealings with Ukraine-nobody knows exactly how it's all going to play out.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knew the Nickleback was going to get taken down but that wasn't the point. When it was taken down over it had over 15 million 12 hours. That is incredible. It got the message out there AND since it got a copyright claim even more people have been talking about it. This was a Trump win all around

casto said...

personally i dont give a fuck about trump trying to have an edge over an opponent, we literally have child rapists in govt dictating policy, taking in the ass from their corporate overlords and democrats are acting indignant about getting some sauce on somebody they know about. cmon the fuck on.

Retro ROCKER said...

The World is one GREAT HOAX. Remember .The NEW WORLD ORDER is Trying to Take Control of the U.S.AND THEY WILL TRY TO BRING DOWN TRUMP .AFTER Trump is out of office its THE Socialist Turn. And you will see A.U.S.Venezuela.

Retro ROCKER said...

And This will Hit JOHNSON County Kansas Hard.THE Layoffs Thousands Can't pay there Mortgages. And Debt. If Business don't have the revenue. They layoff.and don't hire. You can't do business with people who don't have any money. Or In,debt. No credit .taped out

Anonymous said...

Are you so sure Trump, Boris Johnson, and the "populist" presidents of Brazil and Poland are not the new world order?