Today the SIXTH STREETCAR ROLLED ONTO KANSAS CITY TRACKS as streetcar expansion continues despite a winning ballot question wherein voters demanded to be included in upcoming plans but have been denied by court decisions and City Hall.

And so, Clay continues to press his transit plan and now directs his ire toward the toy train.


Clay Chastain: KC is being haunted by a spooked establishment that is silencing public debate and a petition election..

Kansas City's powerful, including the executive director of the KC Streetcar Authority, Tom Gerend, do not like to debate civic issues in public nor allow the people to decide petitions that challenge their leadership. They would rather treat the people like mushrooms...keep them in the dark and feed them..well, you know.

Thus, I predict they will not allow the following debate to take place for benefit of the public:

Tom's transit vision to create a limited, obsolete and slow-moving (in traffic) novelty streetcar system.
Clay's petition to create a rapid, modern & expanded system - rail / electric buses operating in dedicated Greenways.

"435 Mag" just named Mr. Gerend one of KC's "50 most powerful people." And this establishment medal of honor is well deserved considering...(1) Tom is responsible for pushing the streetcar development over the objections of citywide voters; (2) Tom is responsible for pressuring the new Mayor and City Council not to place Clay's competing (and validated) petition plan before voters; and (3) Tom is also responsible for trying to hornswoggle the feds into granting him $200 million to expand an archaic mode of transit that does not improve transit times. Yes, Tom is powerful alright.

BUT . . . 

it would help to negate that kind of oppressive power mongering if public television's...Mike Shanin, of "Ruckus" fame, would really "start a ruckus" and host a debate between Tom and Clay. Or if his counter part, Nick Haines of "Week in Review," would oblige and give us all a break from the show's boring talking heads dominated by the liberal

KC Star. But, I guess I am wishing upon a star since the establishment appears (donors) to have much control over these two public television programs and the KC Star. For instance, notice how KCPT excluded Clay and the other two anti-establishment mayoral candidates from participating in its 2019 mayoral forum at the Plaza (public) library? For instance, notice how the KC Star refuses to say one word about the City's refusal to place Clay's valid petition on the ballot (it was signed in support of by nearly 3,000 KC voters and submitted to the City back in April 2019).

So alas, I am probably dreaming on again in challenging Tom Gerend to debate. I predict... Tom will duck and hide behind the establishment's veil, KC's liberally-oriented media (led by the Star, KCBJ, KCUR, Pitch, etc.) will continue cheering on his streetcar fiasco, and KC's establishment will continue haunting petition elections from the people.

But, we will not give up. Happy Halloween.

KC Community Activist, Clay Chastain

Developing . . . 


  1. A debate would be welcomed and Democratic but the streetcar doesn't even like to hold public votes, just rigged mail in ballots. Doubt they would be up for defending their decisions.

    1. Isn't there an obligation for the streetcar to engage with the public if they're collecting taxes? Seems like it should be their responsibility to answer some kind of questions.

      Think about it!

  2. Clay does not even live here.

  3. ^^ But he isn't a lazy good for nothing who owes nothing like you.

  4. Tom "Olathe" Gerend


  5. The only vision Gerend is capable of is depositing his taxpayer funded paycheck.

  6. The all powerful Gerend? How bout just another grafter from Iowa in a suit that somehow landed in Kansas City. You seen one you seen em all.

  7. 6:12...screw you Clay. And what's this custody issue you have with your daughter? You can't even bring her here? Weird.

  8. Maybe we the people should start a write in campaign to the US Department of Transportation. If we sent enough letters opposing any additional funding from hard working taxpayers it may be effective. It would be best if it contained KCMO addresses as the source. You may even be able to comment on their web page. But you would have to sign your name and anonymous won't work.

  9. Send your letters to the following address. Surely the people that work here in KCMO know the streetcar is a sham operation opposed by the majority of citizens in KCMO.

    Region 7 Office
    Federal Transit Administration
    901 Locust Street
    Suite 404
    Kansas City, MO 64106

  10. 7:00 I'm not Clay you lazy ass who does nothing. He sees his daughter while you have lost all custody of yours.

  11. Where is the evolved thought leader Chimpy ^^ Maude on this?

    Chimpy? Any brain farts to share?


  12. @ 7:00 You are ignorant. You have ignorant parents that didn't have sense enough to teach you anything. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it. You don't know how to post a comment that makes any sense except to say weird over and over again. Your limited vocabulary is really sad, to think we have people out there that are that stupid even barley literate.

  13. Breath Deep.....

  14. Kinda used to like Clay. Liked his gumption.
    Now I just wish he’d go away. Or “activate” Parkville’s shenanigans.
    He don’t live here either, so it could work.


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