Tonight we share an important ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE and Latin crash course from one of the most prolific denizens of the comments section and a friend of the blog. Whilst we may not agree with every word of it, what we know for sure it that these words are what a great many denizens of the discourse REALLY believe but aren't allowed to express without consequences from social media bullies and other special interests. Again, TKC doesn't make endorsements but what this blog does better than any media outlet in KC is to present the widest variety of eclectic opinion in order to expand the minds of our blog community.


Chuck: Whistleblowing Through The Graveyard

"By gnawing through a dike, even a rat, may drown a nation." Edmund Burke.

This particular rat, is a Deep State, Democrat CIA 'Whistleblower'. The Deep State, Democrats, Republicans (One in the same.) and the Main Stream Media are the behind-the-curtain Triumvirate that Americans have bent their knees to for the last 7 decades. Their unabashed support for the continuation of the power of the chosen, select few is now challenged by the churlish, unacceptable and bumptious Donald Trump, an unlikely hero at the gates.

Maybe this time, the Triumvirate will indeed bring down Trump.

A "Narrative Collapse" has evoked no shame, nor cessation of the continuing assaults on Trump. "Bellum Se Ipsum Alet". This War Will Feed Itself".

Why? Why such a concentrated, vicious, incessant attack by the hydra headed Triumvirate? Follow the money.

Trillions are at stake. Your money is in play.

Wall Street is NOT Main Street. This war with Trump is a Globalist War against the Middle-Class and the Populists in us all. 70,000 factories have closed and 7,000,000 jobs have been lost in our freshly remembered past. The money now in the pockets of Wall Street power players used to be in your Black, Brown, Yellow and evil White neighbor's pockets. Sure, your 401K went through the roof, but at what cost in job loss, broken marriages, alcoholism, drug abuse, foreclosures, repossessions, violence, crime and kicked dogs (Like YOU!).

The power you used to have at the ballot box, is superseded by Impeachment. The confidence you used to have in the Republic is abrogated by bureaucrats who REALLY make decisions. 

The belief we had in the 4th estate is replaced by agitprop and noxious ideological swill, inflicted Goebbels like 24/7 with the insistence from our "Thought Leaders" that we purblind preternaturally stupid "Deplorables" dive into the proletarian abyss and accept our status as "perma-victims". Those same talking heads, comedians, Hollywood heroes, politicians come right out and admit on video that they hope for a recession in order to reacquire power.


There are NO Better Angels on the shoulders of those ideologues in the Triumvirate. "My Precious", the Radix Malorum, trillions are at stake. Your money.

While the faux, lugubrious Nancy Pelosi does her best Pontius Pilate and performs ablutions in front of the camera, behind the scenes, the Triumvirate, frenetically seeks to conjure up, ex nihilo, lies to further the cause of Globalists. Actual "High Crimes And Misdemeanors be damned! The Congress, now assuming the legal status of a hastily convened Grand Jury, would Indict/Impeach the proverbial Ham Sandwich.

Trillions are at stake.

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You decide . . .


  1. I'd venture to say this is what the majority of people believe. The voters should decide Trump's political fate. Not the House or Senate.

    Great post Chuck!

    1. Completely disagree. Our elected officials were granted power by the people.


      But I do agree that you will not find an article with half a dozen latin phrases in it. Smart read even if I don't agree with it, I will defend Chuck's right to write it!

  2. Romney is a hero to nobody.

  3. Trillions of what are at stake?

  4. ^^^ Donuts and QT microwave burritos.

  5. The sad little minds that think of these conspiracy theories. I get the attraction. But it's tragic how manipulated by propaganda of AM talk shows these people are.

  6. Is Chuck now the official voice of reason for the blog?


  7. "in order to expand the minds of our blog community"

    Kind of had the opposite effect in all honesty.

  8. Outstanding job Chuck!

  9. Meaningless nonsense

  10. If correct, then Cuck is saying we have no hope and are powerless to change things.

    I assume therefore that Chuck brings forth his inner "Leo Bloom" after posting, rubbing his face with a piece of baby blanket and murmuring in a monotone "no way out, no way out...)!
    Therefore, so long, it's been good to know you.

  11. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

    Case in point.

  12. WTF is this gibberish?

  13. ^^I don't know, why did you say what you did?

  14. Let me get this straight...Hillary hiring and paying for foriegn agents to manufacture fraudulent information against her political rival in a Presidential election is not considered interfering with an election and not a problem for democrats, but Trump looking into publicly acknowledged corruption of a US elected official is an impeachable offence.

    And Pelosi launching an "impeachment inquiry" before she even had supporting documents (-which turned out to undercut her claims) somehow is NOT interfering with a candidate for election... it.

  15. If you judge a man by his enemies.

    Trump vs CIA

    Trump vs MSM

    Trump vs Socialists and the Green New Deal

    Trump vs Lunatic environmentalism

    Trump's enemies also happen to be the enemies of reasonable Americans.

  16. I’m inclined to believe there is a “deep state” or beuracracy or what’re the more than one million government employees are called. Just read the book “Hill Rats” and you’ll get an idea of how nobody really is in control. But what is more interesting are the people who scoff at the very idea of the deep state and then lecture us on “the military industrial complex”, as if the same thing can’t possibly happen beurocratic offices in Washington DC

  17. Chuck, the Intelligence Communities have 6 ways from Sunday to get back at you for penning this article.

  18. Thanks for the comments, both positive and negative.

    Senator Schumer, thanks for the warning, who do you think I should call who has experience with the Intelligence Agencies trying to destroy them?

    Watch what you say here...., if your answer is "Trump", then, of course you are a liar who has participated in the Coup, if you answer is, "I don't know." then of course, anyone with above room temp IQ will think you are an idiot.

    Perhaps, Senator Schumer, you should ask Adam Schiff, who wouldn't want to know what that august, renowned, pillar of probity thinks?

    1. I love it when you talk to yourself, chuck. It proves what a nutcase you are.

  19. Romney has turned out to be a real tool.

    tool (noun)
    informal: a foolish or unlikable person : Jerk

  20. Biden’s folding under the pressure of his abuse of power in the Ukraine, apparently he’s screaming and hollering at everybody. He won’t last a month and President Trump has been under worse scrutiny for three years now. The shoe is on the other foot and heads are exploding!

  21. If your given the power to fuck with somebody just because it furthers your leftist traitor career to do so knowing full well the whole time you’re doing it they cant do anything about it it means the worms doing it will never stop. You can bet if trump were a private citizen again these fucking maggots like nadler,peloton,schiff would have their asses sued off and be in the poor house where they belong.They think by fucking with trump they can raise campaign cash to line their pockets from all their leftist pals all the while doing nothing which is fine because anything they do is worthless anyway,oh I forgot the scumbags occasionally do rename a post office for a mere 170,000 a year plus perks what a fucking joke

  22. ^^^^ McConnell is raising campaign money off this too. Grow up. None of them love you.

  23. the brain dead liberal democrats and their butt buddies in the main stream media got nothing ! Perhaps they should step back and look inward at the corrupt idiot Biden who took a ton of cash for his kids from the Chi - coms and shook down the Ukrainians for tons of money for his dumb ass addict coke head son , all while V.P. under that moron Obama . Our President Trump is playing these idiots like the true wide eyed zealots that they are , some how taking their marching orders from the Squad of commie socialist dumbasses . Trump to win in a landslide in 2020 ! MAGA , KAGA you bitches , Ha , Ha , Ha , Ha !!

  24. ^^Just as you love it when you play with yourself all the time.

  25. Darnell Quraisushi10/6/19, 7:10 AM

    Several days ago Chuck stated he had started flying an ISIS flag and some other things. Because of this he has protection by the CIA, FBI, NSA and others 24/7. Maybe Chuck needs to start flying 2 ISIS flags and he will have nothing to worry about.

    Humor aside somebody up post mentioned Romney. Romney is neck deep in this mess. Check out his security advisor Cofer Black, who sits on Burisma board of directors, and his relationship with John Brennan.

    Also read the book ‘None dare call it conspiracy’. The book was published about 45 years ago but might open some eyes and make you think.

    As FDR stated; “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” The current mess happening in DC was definitely planned.

  26. And now they are going after Pence also. Yep. This is a Coup Attempt. If they succeed, and the Socialist/Communist crowd rises to power, we will be a BANANA Republic. Get ready for the Rat Cages (as in 1984).

  27. Couldn't agree more.

    Would only add that it is powered by greed of the international bankers, corporatist and globalist whose greatest fear is strong free people asserting their rights not to be exploited for their profit and the most dangerous ppl are white people who build free societies that must be destroyed. The best way to destroy a civilization is rampant degeneracy and diversity.

    Reminder that this is the goal of mass unfettered immigration which also has the added benefit of lowering your wages and keeping your rent high.

  28. It's all one big cookie jar for these guys to get their hands into. Don't think for a second all of these jokers (dems and repubs) don't have dirt on their hands.
    Just the way it is. But chuck thinks by writing this outrageous crap on two hardly read blogs that the old man he is can make a difference.
    Truth be known is that 99% of the people already know this.
    There will be no impeachment because the senate will kill it (just like
    Let them play their games as we get ready for Biden 2020!

  29. Jesus Christ, the big orange Rufus admired it, text messages came out, and the shit-eating goons on here still don’t believe it. America is moving against this criminal administration and impotent cucks like chuck will be buried under it. Thank God.

  30. Jesus Christ, the big orange Rufus admired it, text messages came out, and the shit-eating goons on here still don’t believe it. America is moving against this criminal administration and impotent cucks like chuck will be buried under it. Thank God.

  31. Lindsey Graham is such an expert on Impeachment tht he selected to be the Prosecutor when the GOP-controlled House filed a Bill Of Impeachment against Bill Clinton.

    According to what Lindsey said at that time (the best precedent for what's happening now,) "there doesn't even need to be a Crime on order to Impeach"!

    So what's all this horsecrap about a "coup"? Clinton's offenses weren't anything like what the evidence so far indicated Trump's are.

    Deep State my ass, just Patriots protecting the Republic from a would-be Dictator!

  32. If the Demoncrats had embraced unity and worked with Trump they could take some credit for workING to improve America. Instead they are the party of disparity and disruption . Why would we vote for a bunch of immature brats that cannot get over not having it their way 3 years ago ?

  33. Guy who lies day in and day out, accuses intelligence agencies of lying, Man, who should I believe here?

    Can anyone tell me why they feel this blind loyalty to Trump? Honestly, would anyone who posts on this blog be ok with a Democrat reaching out to a foreign country to investigate a political rival. If Obama talked to Ukraine and asked them to investigate Mitt Romney's business dealings there, or John McCain? You ok with that? Are there no longer standards and norms in the highest office in this country? Is this what the future of politics in this country holds? This kind of garbage? I don't care who you are, Dem, Republican, Independent....I personally don't want this shit going on in our country. It boggles my mind that people are ok with this just so their side can win.


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