A recent note from this town's most prolific petitioner now taking aim at the new Mayor . . .

Clay Chastain: Why did Quinton Lucas run for Mayor?

After nearly 3-months as Mayor, no one can doubt Mayor Lucas has no real ideas to fix our City's overwhelming problems. This is not surprising since he did not have any when he was City Councilman for 4-years. He did nothing about the City's crime and merely lent support to Sly's glitzy projects that further elevated the elite but, at the expense of reducing crime, maintaining the City and providing for everyday taxpayers.

Mayor Quinton Lucas, like Congressman Cleaver, appears to like functioning as a reactionary politician who orates about emotionally-charged issues. But what we need more of are innovative and independent-thinking leaders who can formulate specific ideas to solve specific problems.

As an example, Mayor Lucas orated we should not get used to our City's high levels of violent crime and then, failed to offer any new great vision to greatly reduce it. He also said he might be supportive of a bi-state tax for a new glitzy downtown baseball stadium without offering a better vision that would better advance the common good of all.

Now our Mayor wants to actually take action on a non-priority issue that actually requires no action - his new ordinance to crackdown on "conversion therapy." The City needs "conversion therapy" alright but the kind that will convert it from the stagnating, crime ridden and deteriorating City it now is into what it used to be...thriving, growing (in population) and transit-oriented.

But, the biggest issue I have with Mayor Lucas is his lack of transparency and bad faith action concerning his refusal to place before voters a valid "Green Transit" petition (nearly 3,000 voters signed in support of). He and the City have sat on the petition for 6-months without explanation. Why? Control. The petition threatens to replace the City's slow-moving and out dated streetcar system (as well as the ATA's unpopular, failed and out dated diesel bus system) with a new rapid, citywide and state-of-the-art public transportation system.

Since he is the "People's Lawyer," I have appealed to the Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, to come to the people's rescue and order Mayor Lucas and the City Council to place the people's valid petition before voters.

Should Clay lead an effort to recall Mayor Lucas and replace him as mayor?

If I may, here is my answer to my own question: If you seek a high-profile job, you should have confidence you can do the job - not just bask in the glory (selfies) of the job. If you talk about "transparency," you should posses the values that bind your word - not blow off your word. Mayor Quinton Lucas, though likable, is failing on both counts. Au contraire," I know what is required to be a successful mayor of Kansas City...convey a vision that inspires the people, take action on that vision and, in my case, seek God's guidance. I have full confidence in my ability to stand up to the status quo, lift up our fallen City, make Kansas City boom again and I have no need for selfies.

As a conservative problem-solving engineer, I would rather work with Mayor Lucas than recall him. But, Kansas City cannot endure another 4-years of failed leadership in which the City... abides its high homicide rate, ignores the needs of average taxpayers, fails to get our City going, continues to focus on glitz (like the new baseball stadium) and fails to respect petitions submitted to it by the people. Therefore, I will promote another kind of petition, for another kind of mayor, if Mayor Quinton Lucas fails to take action (by the end of the year) to place the people's valid Green Transit petition before the voters of Kansas City.

Sincerely, KC Community Activist, Clay Chastain


  1. Clay if you read this, do what you have to do lets clean up Kansas City. I'm sick of the mess, and I'm sick of outsiders from CA and other messed up places coming to our city with their liberal anti-American agenda and polluting it.
    Lets hope this tax hike is a blessing to get the scum out of our city.

  2. Clay is an irrelevant individual to Kansas City and has never contributed ANYTHING constructive to our city. He just makes stupid noise to support his insecurities of being a nobody. Go away for good Clay!

  3. Keep it up clay

  4. After nearly 3-months as Mayor, no one can doubt Mayor Lucas has no real ideas to fix our City's overwhelming problems.

    Nailed it

  5. Chastain Scores!
    His comments ring true, and the truth hurts sometimes.

  6. A 1.6 billion dollar city budget is a simple as fixing a Ford F150.

  7. If some adult queer, fag or teanny wants to try conversion therapy why should that be illegal?

    And mayor Q is just "standing still" waiting for the city to fix itself ala "standing still" sheriff forte...BTW has the swinger club shooting shooting solved itself yet?
    God this city is full of suckers.

  8. Maybe Quentin should try conversion therapy. Then he wouldn’t have to go to Lawrence to get drunk at the gay faggot bar.


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