The Great Kansas City Weed Debate: KCPD Chief Vs. Mayor Quinton Lucas

Unlike the newspaper, we won't hide the best comments and insights behind a paywall . . . Check the headline and you decide on this debate that has garnered more interest among our blog community than the newspaper and their social media clique . . .

Mayor Quinton Lucas and Police Chief Rick Smith don't agree on marijuana. Who's right?

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Police Chief Rick Smith appear to be on a collision course over decriminalizing marijuana. Lucas is for it; Smith is against it. Lucas should prevail. In a Facebook post Friday, the mayor suggested Kansas City should remove any reference to marijuana from city ordinances.


  1. My personal opinion of drugs aside, the elected branch sets the rules and the civil servants enforce them. If Rick has such strong opinions, perhaps he ought to run for mayor next time. Until then, perhaps he could work with the tools (and rules) he’s given.

  2. No organization - private or public wants to lose it's market. Especially an easy market like arresting stoners.


    Chief Smith and Wesson has 31 years experience with KCPD.

    Mayor Lucas Liquors served 1 term on the City Council and is now a young rookie Mayor.

    One knows what they're talking about, the other doesn't!!!

  4. The opinion of the police chief is of no consequence. The mayor leads, the police chief follows and not option to get out of the way... The election is over and Rick Smith didn't win.

  5. Reefer Madness. The old and ignorant way of thinking.


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