Thursday, October 31, 2019

Spirited Kansas City Debate Over Ghosts

Faith leaders devise another important argument about local history and the eternal reach of the past. Scary stuff given how many tortured souls are murdered on local streets every year. Checkit:

Kansas City Religious Leaders Grapple With The Notion of Ghosts

A few locations routinely pop up when taking inventory of haunted places in Kansas City. The most legendary of all local haunts is the Epperson House on the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus, according to Darren Hinesley, a local expert on Kansas City hauntings and host of the podcast Creepy in KC.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to say we are a conquered people if the church didn't kill all the pagans off?

Anonymous said...

Hauntings are real sometimes But ghosts etc are not the "former people" they claim to be. They are imposters. They have watched those folks when they were alive, and immitate them. Sometimes to lead people into the occult, sometimes for confusion and chaos. The bible is clear that immortal intelligent genius evil demons were confined to earth by God. They seek to destroy and confuse God's creation, namely mankind. Ghosts arent people hanging out after death. Thats biblical.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Silvers says there is no hell or eternal punishment? Thats calling God, Christ, the prophets and Bible a liar. Silvers doesnt understand how pure God is and that the wicked cannot be in God's presence. Plus God gives people a choice to repent and believe, otherwise its hell. Being a "good person" or being better than Hitler wont save you. Good people have enought evil to damn them just as it did Hitler. Heaven and hell are both filled with sinners. Sinners in heaven have repented and trust Christ has paid for their sins,so they dont have to